I build Web sites and develop them for fun and profit. The source and catalyst for the two factors is people or what we call traffic,i have a lot of sites,and i mean a LOT of them...not just for proffit,nope testing is the mother of success ! ;)

Most people visit my web site, the more money I can possibly do, and perhaps the most fun I can possibly have.

Today, many sites have seen their Google PageRank reduced and many blogs were speculating on the causes. (this site still have PR 4,wonder why?? read my first sentence)

Introspection is often forced. We do not believe that the sustainability and our actions until the adverse circumstances arise. If you do PageRank consider how a change will have a negative effect on you after it happened, you are already screwed.

All of this is very easy for me. Google is a factor that is beyond your control. Of course, you can follow their rules or adjust your behavior to adapt, but that Google is not in your palm. What to do with good business uncontrollable factors? They create what if contingency plans to take account of the losses.

Keep in mind this point: People can do what they want and they will be often. However, you do have the power to decide how you want to respond to their actions. Google PageRank adjust his notes in a manner they deem fit (it is after all their toy), and ultimately you must decide how to deal with the desire results.

If your income is affected only because PageRank changes, then you are not doing something. The right not to explore options monetization. Not having a business plan for the long term. No full use of traffic you have. About not getting the right advertisers who know the value of your site.

And all of these factors are in your control. Who cares what Google thinks of the content or quality of the site? People are those who visit your site and decide whether the reading of value or recommend it to someone else. Google has no way to write or think. They do not have the kind of content you decide to extinguish.

I have never sold an ad based on my meager PageRank. Advertisers have approached me and told me that they have a direct interest in my site, because I rank for key terms relevant to their business and because I learned easily in a hell of a lot of targeted traffic that is likely to convert. And that is what matters.

So what if PageRank weakens your position on a list of rankings or advertising network? You do not need to use systems that PageRank as an indicator to measure the comparative value. Really, you do not need at all. There are literally hundreds of different ways to build your brand and get traffic from other sources.

Stop complaining. Pagerank is simply a webmaster fetish. It is a joke that the interior gone too far. Washington Post and Forbes were penalized. But do you really think the uncle or aunt Mary Joe give a toss about it? They are still typing in the URL or click on the icon favorite faithfully because they want to get the information they need fixing.

And that says a lot about the development of brands that are remarkable confidence of your target market. Marques who distribute direct repeat in the long term, despite the unpredictable changes algorithm by companies beyond comprehension.

I see no point in blogs on drops or updates to PageRank (yes, I am guilty). I really did not want to write about it, but I could not help ranting after seeing so many oh my god Pagerank dropped! All posts on the web today.

Maybe we can all stop getting so worked for something so important.

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haidi said... @ November 30, 2007 at 5:04 AM

actually i'm very concerned on my site pagerank, everyday i'm doing link exchange to increase pagerank and getting higher rank. How to menetize my ranking in google if no pagerank?

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malawika said... @ December 3, 2007 at 12:46 AM

I'm agree with you. PageRang is good for search engines, not for readers. If you have valuable content, people will be read your articles when you have PR6 or 1.. even 0. PR is doesn't matter. It's only for SEO, PR is a measure of how many incoming links a website has.
Regards, malawika

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