What is iWebTrack

iWebtrack-FREE Website Monitoring is the fastest growing web analytics provider, with thousands of websites using their service world wide.

iWebTrack offers real-time Web stats, Web advertising campaigns, and visitor information. With iWebTrack, you can:

  • Monitor Web site activity in real time

  • Measure advertising campaign return on investment (ROI)

  • Find out which referrer sends you the most sales

  • See which keyword phrases are used in search engines to find your site

  • Collect data about visitors' operating systems and browsers

It shows you who the individual visitors are, down to IP address, operating system, Web browser, geographic location, and the navigational path they took on your site.

Some features and data iWebTrack offers:

  • AIM Robot (beta)

  • W3C-compliant tracking code

  • Stats accessed online and from PDA

  • Pages viewed and unique visitors

  • PPC advertisements distinguished from normal page views

  • PPC clicks distinguished from normal search engine clicks

  • Specific products visitors viewed

  • Tracking URLs

  • Navigational paths

  • Referring documents (the page that brought a visitor to your site)

  • Search engine activity reports

  • Activity by the hour, day of week, and month

  • Activity by domain name

  • First-time and repeat visitors

  • Visitor user agents, Web browsers, and operating systems

  • Visitor screen resolutions and color settings

  • Visitors' city, state, and country

  • Order tracking

  • No cookies

  • ASP component (tracking code alternative)
I advise you to give a chance and try this 30 day free trial of iWebTrack ...download it you don't have anything to lose..


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