What Is Stats Junky..

Automatically check and compare your
stats every 15 minutes for every
affiliate program you use!

Here’s how it works:

Lets say you check your affiliate stats at CJ, Clickbank, Adsense, Adwords, Amazon, Azoogle, Bidvertiser, ROIRocket, etc..etc..etc. It will check all of those programs for you at your preset interval and alert you whenever you make a sale.

Most affiliate programs have different display periods for their stats. Daily, weekly, bi monthly, etc. That makes it very hard to compare them apples to apples. Stats Junky allows you to see them all on the same time frame that you select.

Now you can finally compare multiple affiliate programs apples to apples.

You won't have to manually log in to each of these sites and try to manually record how much you made for this campaign or that campaign, or how much this week compared to last week.

By the time you've logged into the second or third affiliate program, the first one is just haze. Not any more!

If you wanted to login directly to any of your affiliate programs to setup new campaigns you can simply click on it's name in Stats Junky and it will open that affiliate program in your browser with you already logged in and looking at your stats!

Every couple of days we update Stats Junky with the newly requested programs and update any existing ones that changed their format. This means you’ll never have to manually login to check stats for any program ever again. If there's a website that you check the stats on, Stats Junky can do it for you!

~~ Beta Testers Wanted ~~

Stats Junky is an insane tool that will revolutionize how you monitor your income, and we need more beta testers. The beta testers that help us grow, will get the app free, (a $30 a month normal charge will be free for those people that helped us grow the list of affiliate programs during the beta test).

Become a beta tester, and they will give you this software free for life.

This is a Limited-Time offer. After the beta testing is completed, Stats Junky will cost $30/month.

"Here Is The free link for your software,but if you give a free beta test run..and my post is free then ;) "


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