If you didn't hear - Google unveiled DoubleClick Studio, a free rich media production and web-based workflow tool that promises to help users develop and produce rich media ads.

A post on the Official Google Blog provides an explanation of the advantages of this move by saying that the company hopes to "expand the number of advertisers that can make these useful formats part of their marketing strategy."

What is Rich Media?

The post describes Rich Media as follows:
To describe rich media, it helps to think about other ad formats that we're all familiar with, starting with the simplest: text ads. With just a few keystrokes, anyone can create simple messages in a standardized format, and place them on a site like Google.com in minutes. Then we have standard display ads, ads that usually include text with a visual such as a logo or a graphic. These can be in formats we're all familiar with like .jpg, .gif, .swf and more. Standard display ads can either be static or animated with tools like Flash. They typically have only one interaction, meaning that when you click on them, you'll be taken to a destination site. And then at the most complex level, from a design and interaction perspective, we have rich media ads. With rich media, you can have ads that expand when users click or roll over, for example, and there are extensive possibilities for interactive content, such as HD video or even the ability to click to make a phone call.
Here is an orientation video that outlines all sorts of ideas and possibilities.


They conclude: "This is also a good thing for Internet users; rich media capabilities make advertising even more useful, letting a viewer interact with an ad and learn about a brand without having to leave the page they're on. And, advertisers have an expanded creative canvas within the ad itself, allowing for deeper, higher-quality content in the ad itself. At Google, we believe that ads at their best are useful information."

What do you think? Will this tool help us as intended by Google? In you want to create your own video ad, this tool might just be right for you. Access DoubleClick Studio with your existing Google account and find out more.


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