Do PayPerPost Suck?!

Last week i apply for program payperpost..and i receive an e-mail from their "automated" secretary...lol remind me to say nice things about payperpost....only kidding.

Dear Ervin Humic,

This is a notification to let you know that your blog, Make Money
Online With GuruMonetizer, has been rejected for the following reason(s):

Thank you for your blog submission!

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that this blog is being
kept up only for purposes of payment through our services and/or payment
from online contests, lotteries, pyramid schemes, etc. It is in our
advertiser’s best interest that we do not allow these types of blogs to
take the opportunities in our Marketplace. But, feel free to use PPP
Direct and the Affiliate tools!

Thank you!

"contests, lotteries, pyramid schemes"

PayPerPost i'm interested which blog of your "approved" list is not about:contests ,lotteries ,pyramid schemes ?

If you dont know EVERY MAKE MONEY ONLINE BLOG is about contests,lotteries,pyramid money making schemes.

So please go and writte a detailed tos about your service,and save a time for those people who want to join your payperpost site

Thank you
So here is the question for all of my visitors who use payperpost program :

1 ) Do PayPerPost Suck?!
2) Did you make any money from this site?


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