Make Money With Digg Part 2

Before I Continue with this part you should read part 1 of make money with digg

Typically, 50 diggs in a quick time should get you on the front page, but if you were to get less diggs in a faster time, you may also succeed. The splurge of diggs has to be within 24 hours of submission of the article, so make sure you’re well prepared.

So how are you going to kick start your article?

Firstly asking your regular readers to digg your articles seems obvious, but it’s often forgotten, and readers won’t think to digg unless they’re reminded of it. Simply put a note at the end of the post asking readers to digg the article, and ensure you have the digg button there at the end of the post. (If using Wordpress, the plugin here is very handy for this.)

So hopefully you have a few loyal readers on your site that will give you a few diggs. Now I’ll tell you a good way to get yourself dugg. Sometimes, you must give to receive. Find the top diggers and people who post a lot, and digg their stories consistently. Soon they’ll notice and check you out, and digg in return. If possible, even have them submit your story for you, and there’s even less work for you, as their reputation will work wonders for you.

Make yourself at least 15-20 Digg friends, and be kind to them. Digg their stories and comment. Give and you shall receive. The more friends you make, the better, but a minimum of 15-20 is absolutely necessary. Making friends is easy. Digg random articles you like, and leave a nice comment, and do this as often as possible. Add the people you digg, or often they will add you as soon as you comment and digg them. Don’t forget new users always want new friends, they’re all lonely in a huge digging world you know!

If you manage to comment first on what you think will be a popular story, make sure you make a somewhat memorable comment, and you give yourself a good chance of other people checking you out. A good profile username and picture also increases your chances of getting noticed. It’s the little things that can give you an advantage here.

A simple sure fire way to get your story dugg is to use the “Freebie” section of Digital Point forums, found here. Here you’ll notice that over 80% of threads are stumble or digg exchange requests. And you guessed it, they’re free. So find threads of digg exchanges, and digg the links left, and post your link in return. Ensure that you use a service like TinyUrl.com to hide your digg URL, as this helps stop you from getting banned from Digg. Be sure to keep up with your thread, and reply often to let people know you have returned their diggs. This will keep your thread near the top of the forum, and this will bring more diggs. If you are desperate, offer to pay for diggs, and offer a very low amount. Obviously more people will digg even if they’re receiving a miniscule amount of money in return, and many will digg you for free, in the hope of receiving positive reputation points in return.

If you use all my methods you should have gotten enough diggs to reach the front page, and your site will be exposed to thousands. If for some reason you still need more diggs, UserSubmitter might be worth a look, but as you well know by now, there are far easier methods to get diggs for free.

Lately it’s thought that the number of times your article is favorited is also important in getting onto the frontpage, so encourage people to favourite it too.

Also note that the Digital Point member, “Stormer320” offers 350 diggs for 30$, but can only provide this service on weekends or holidays. I personally asked him how he got into this business, and his reply was that he simple has a ton of Digg friends.

Now how can I make money off this?

Well firstly, getting your own site on the Digg homepage will drive huge amount of traffic to your site, which raises the value of your site, and your advertising revenue. If you have an affiliate link somewhere in your article you could make money off this, but it’s risky since your article could then be viewed as spam, and it’s not worth risking getting your site banned from Digg.

An article getting on the front page of Digg will often get you more RSS subscribers, so ensure you have a subscription link/form in a visible spot on the site. Feedburner’s email subscription form is very handy for this

The best way to make money from this is to charge other people for your services of getting their article on the front page of digg. On Digital Point forums (services section) you’ll see a few people at a time charging a total of $75 to get someone’s page on the front of Digg. Often they say that even if they fail, they charge $.5 per digg they get on your article. Want proof? Click here then. J

Sounds like a pretty sweet earner for them doesn’t it?

So use my guide to get your own page on the front of Digg a couple of times. You’ll soon master this art, and then you can start charging other people for your skills. So that’s $70 each time for doing this kind of simple work. Tell me that’s not tempting. The best part is, the more you do this, the quicker and better you become. This means you can charge more for having such a fast turnaround, and you’ll be able do more and more orders. Do one a day, and you’re making $500 per week. Real money now eh?

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