Make Money With Digg Part 1

Please bare in mind that you will need to have decent hosting if you are to benefit from this, as your story getting on the Digg front page will bring unique visitors of up to 35k in one day during the week, and roughly 10k on weekends (people use the internet a lot less on weekends). This can screw your server, so be careful.

Now, not every site is capable of getting on Digg. As I said, there is no cheat to get your completely obscure article onto the Digg homepage despite nobody having any interest in it.

There are certain types of articles which are preferred by Digg users, and trends prove this. Use your head here. What type of person is your typical Digg.com user? Not to be stereotypical, but I find the majority of proper, returning users are those with an interest in technology, and other related things. You have to use this to your advantage.

The first reason you should use Digg to your advantage is to get huge traffic to your site by getting your article on the front page. To do this you’re going to have to write a good article on a subject that will go down well with the general Digg population. The main topics for this are articles about Apple, Microsoft or Windows (generally putting these down), Digg.com itself, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Mozilla Firefox, and the likes of those.

With Digg, you have to be quick. It’s no use deciding to post an interesting article when thousands have already dugg it somewhere else because some other guy was sharper than you and posted it before you, and is now on their way to the Bahamas to celebrate. You have to find yourself some good sources for news, then be quick about writing your article and submitting it to Digg. Some good sources are




www.tuaw.com/ ( the unofficial Apple weblog)

There are a lot of good sources out there for you, and they’re not hard to find. Use the above links to start you on your way, and more links will follow. Google alerts is also a good way to get good news alerts quickly, so you’re not always searching yourself.

Any type of sensational or controversial story will naturally be dugg a lot too, but the difficult part with these is getting in before anyone else does. Digg users also love lists (“top 21 ways to…”) and helpful guides with bullet points.

Ensure your headline is attention grabbing, appearing to be giving away some secret or unknown method everyone will want to know. Curiosity will get you views. “How to” type headings are always good. A good way to research this sort of thing is simply to keep an eye on what stories are making the front page.

Also, Digg and generally users don’t like when someone submits their own page, so it’s often very beneficial to have someone else submit the article for you......

To be continued...


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