Recently this blog had a makeover,the reason for this is simple i want to be different ...so i decided to go back to my old days of making money....the one and only Rent A Coder.

What is Rent a Coder

Rent a coder is an international marketplace where people who need custom software developed coders can find in safe and supportive environment for business. Buyers can choose cherry reservoir ... from 192697 coders This enables them to hire a coder across the country or around the world… in the comfort of their computer. Buyers who want to hire overseas, can benefit from favorable foreign exchange rates, this work was performed for 50-90% less than if the project was carried out in the country. Coders are also given access to a huge pool of potential work and are able to work independently in their homes rather than to a business.

How does it work?

Buyers often need custom software developed in order to improve their business or personal use. These buyers view their projects on the Rent a Coder's Web site, with a maximum amount they are willing to pay. The project is seen by 192697 coders from around the world and they put their offers on the execution of the work. The buyer may browse each bidder resume, certifications and previous work history (including comments left by previous buyers) on the site.

When the buyer finds a coder as they want, they can rent locally. To make the transaction a safe, the buyer does not pay the encoder directly, but escrows funds into a special account Rent A Coder. This guarantees the buyer that the encoder is solvent, but also reassures the buyer, because the encoder does not receive the money until the work is completed. When the work (or a pre-agreed on the portion of the work) is completed… buyer release funds for the coder. When the work is completed, both sides rate of the other party to help future buyers and coders on the site.

If a problem occurs, the rental Coder facilitator to help stage. Should a dispute arise, the facilitator will, in accordance with the rules of this site in order to ensure a fair and equitable outcome for both parties.

How does Coder rental make money?

Rent a Coder made some cash as a percentage of the final transaction amount. This tax of 15% and making encoder. It goes without credit card to pay transaction costs, fees bridge, the costs of arbitration, membership fees, advertising costs and the rest of the business is profit.

So if you want to join and try out Rent A Coder click on the image...

Or if you want to see my ratings follow this link,or you can find it in menu selection..


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