This is the death of niche marketing? or NOT ?!

If you are trying to move in the niche dating, dog training, food or any niche that you i' ve been hearing about how the internet gurus tear profit like crazy, the answer is yes.

A few years ago, it was easy to make profits in niche markets.

But with the launch of private label rights and all sorts of niche marketing affiliations that provide market studies, list of keywords, competitive analysis, and so on, the games have become more competitive than ever -- for those who have not the slightest idea of building an online business profitable. By marketing experience? Not a bit.

Imagine that everyone can dive in the niche marketing business almost within 24 hours with such tools available today. That is either scary or a damn good news. The gurus are even more happy because they can use these to their advantage simply because they KNOW HOW.

However, most people dont get. For example, they obtain rights MDD content of the dating niche and are enthusiastic about the idea of selling a dating info-product. Here's what's going to happen - they ' ll go head to head competition with shock gurus of the old school who have been in this niche for years and wonder why it never works.

They are not afraid of competition. I refer to the old school players. Like the lucrative niche internet marketing. Do you think that the players in this niche are newcomers worry? NOT AT ALL because they have the authority and credibility to support them. And most importantly, they got the network of joint venture partners, which have been built since the first day. I'm not worry of competition.

So, this brings me to another discovery of niche marketing - the mine long tail. Some called 'low hanging fruit'. Others called them, 'sub-market'. Whatever.

The long tail of niche marketing is not new, but it was not be interesting to the public. Several reasons. Most 'marketing on the Internet ' learn that the niche marketing are not a niche marketing, and that is a horrible reality. So they really dont have any ideas how it works. Therefore, you will see a lot of niche marketing courses available, as most of them are tested without rehash information-proven strategies.

Second reason? Those who know and teach. Its, either because they are not interested in extending their activities in the internet marketing niche or they are too busy making money in the long tail of niche marketing.

Now - you may have heard of the long tail of the other. Good - you are keeping your head up.

Big player Amazon.com...noticed that almost all the titles of the books that you are looking for. Even rare are on Amazon.com. These are the long tails and they are there for one reason-there to the request, and people are buying. Imagine if Amazon.com casts long queues for all books - I bet that all affect their net profit.

I know a brilliant marketing of the Internet that is sold by selling books in the public domain in the long queue category because nobody sees the opportunity. These \ 'old \' books still have its own market.

Back to the question of having a small market size. That is not true.

How can you tell if a market is big or not? Based on the Overture or any other keyword tools? That is crazy. You are betting your company on these tools when there is a chance you do not understand how the marketing research niche. These tools are useful for organic or paid search engine competitive research, but just a tip of the iceberg for niche marketing research.

There is more than meets the eye, my friend.

Although the size of a market or volume is very important to determine the profitability of a long tail market, but also zooms Long-tailed dominating the market. It mind if the market is small, so Im from the dominant player in it because the reward is greater. It is better to be a big fish in a small pond rather then a small fish in a big pond.

The market dominance can be summed up as the go to l site and Recommendation No. 1 for your long-tailed niche market. With further development, market dominance can take many forms, search engines, a list of joint venture partners, affiliate programs, etc. If your site appears on # 1 or No. 2 in google. com for certain search keywords, you have a dominant search engine keyword niche.

I imagine that too many people are focused on the "big gains 'in a particular niche market because of being exposed to so many dreams and hopes. Sometimes, I was 'trapped there as well, but I will always try to be aware of whats going on. Once you are aware, you willl see a better chance in it. If you see the 'diet super niche can be lucrative, thinking of its long tail. Follow it.

Starting an online business to make money is NOT BADLY - it is enough to invest your time to learn and do.

But in truth, it money to be made in the long tail of niche markets that are willing to take advantage - best of all, it its right under your nose and note a lot of people trying to share your pie.

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