It’s time for me to make a huge list! I’ll give this technique a try, Some of the techniques below are old, but some are new, some are web 1.0 (Actually web 1.0 is not even a word ), and some are web 2.0, some are funny., some are not, some are boring, some aren’t. These are just the things that pop out of my mind when writing. So if I get something wrong don’t be shy to correct me.

  1. Create a LinkBait – Like what I’m doing ;)
  2. Submit press releases – PrWeb is a good site to submit on
  3. Bookmark your site – To social bookmarking websites, i.e. digg, del.icio.us, reddit
  4. Ping! – Ping your blog every after you write an article, Try Pingoat.com
  5. Post or answer a question at Yahoo Answers – Then add your link in it! (Do they even moderate that site?!)
  6. Review products – If you bought something at amazon or ebay, write them a review then put your url in it.
  7. Make groups – like Google and Yahoo groups, and then include your URL in it (but don’t look spammy)
  8. Hold Contests – Give away Tees, Links, Ipods, gadgets or whatever people like.
  9. Have an e-mail siggy – Put your URL in your siggy when contacting someone through e-mail.
  10. Become friends – with someone popular offline and maybe he can promote you! (mwahahahah)
  11. Always have a brand – You know the logo and your sites color or even the way you talk!
  12. Join mybloglog – it’s a good way of socializing.
  13. Create a lens – Not lens for the eyes, a squidoo lens that is!
  14. Pick a wide niche – A niche that many people that would love.
  15. Don’t be Boring - Pull off some jokes from time to time ;)
  16. Make blogger blogs that link to your main blog – Don’t make them spammy looking ;)
  17. Post George Bush’s funny pics! – Proven technique! Will give you a lot links!
  18. Always update your blog – Update frequently so people would visit your blog frequently also.
  19. Create a MySpace account – Yes, myspace marketing. Make as many friends as you can!
  20. Join Friendster – It’s a lot like MySpace, but more Asians.
  21. Make a tool that people would love to link to – keyword tools, pagerank prediction, backlink checker, etc…
  22. Give away free online games – like what miniclip is doing, many kids would link to you in their personal blog or even their myspace or friendster account.
  23. Be controversial – This always attracts a lot of people!
  24. Make an E-Book – Ads profit and traffic!
  25. Add translations – Most importantly, Chinese
  26. Offer them to subscribe to your feed - Politely :D
  27. Make a content that is worth buying – Then you give it free, Sounds crazy but it attracts loads of people.
  28. Write Articles then submit it – This is old school but it works!
  29. Write with emotions – Replace words like big, many with huge and loads. This will make your readers reading with emoition.
  30. Place alt tags – Placing an alt tag on your pictures will surely help you get a higher Search Engine ranking.
  31. Create an e-mail list – Then every after your letter, put your url in it.
  32. Make a Favicon – To be recognized easier when you are on a bookmarking list
  33. Use the sociable plugin – It ads all the known bookmarking websites and puts it in your posts. This makes bookmarking easier for your readers.
  34. Always Validate – This helps search engines navigate to your site easier. (This I don’t do :D )
  35. Redirect – URL’s with www and without have different rankings, so redirect either one of those two to get all the rankings and backlinks to combine for improved SE ranking./for owners od domains)
  36. Optimize your H1, H2, etc – Almost all search engines base on the h tags so be sure to optimize it with the right keywords.
  37. Give away Tees – And put your URL on it. In that way, you get online and offline exposure ;)
  38. List your site to Craigslist – It’s just sooooooo good to get free links!
  39. Submit your site to Dmoz – PR8!? Wow!
  40. Comment on blogs – This is a good way to maximize your exposure and also, make friends.
  41. Make a Virus – Then add your url on it. This may work. Hahahahaha
  42. Make a funny video – Then submit it to youtube, revver, google video, metacafe, etc… Then place your URL on the video.
  43. Submit Themes – With your link on it!
  44. Submit Screensavers – This may work ;)
  45. Choose the right anchor texts – You should optimize your keywords to get better SE (search engines) rankings so if you have control of your anchor texts, choose the least competitive but high searches.
  46. Donate – Donate on someone’s site that lists all the people who donated. Don’t be cheap!
  47. Give a free e-book – Make it unique as possible. An attractive e-cover will help.
  48. Pay the nearest internet caf – To make your site the homepage of their computers.
  49. Contact the webmaster of your school – Tell him to add your link in the footer (www.domain.edu if you have ;))
  50. Don’t use flash as much as possible – This may irritate your readers.
  51. When you’re on the beach, list your URL’s on the sand – Your URL have the possibility to be seen by plane. That can give you tons of traffic! Just imagine how many people are in one passenger plane!
  52. Encourage readers to bookmark you – Leaving a sentence or two after your article would be nice.
  53. Add a sitemap – This helps search engines recognize you more.
  54. Use attractive headlines – Take this for example: Blogger vs. WordPress
  55. Microsoft Sucks! – If you haven’t observed. A lot of digg’s frontpagers have this story.
  56. Get a StumbleUpon toolbar – Then Stumble all of your pages and invite your friends and chat mates to stumble your site too.
  57. Redirect your 404 page – Redirecting it to your homepage would help lost visitors.
  58. Invite guest writers – Your readers could be one! It’s free!
  59. Give out newsletters – encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter.
  60. Give free graphics - Remember to add your URL on it.
  61. Submitting on not-so popular social bookmarking sites - It’s easier to get to the frontpage there, so if you don’t have the guts to get to digg’s frontpage, a better thing is to go there.
  62. Use your posts as the url in comments - This gives a specific post tons of traffic if you comment a lot.
  63. Strive to get to the top commentators - This may give you a tempopary stable traffic.
  64. Trade Articles - Hehehehe, I tried this only a couple of times.
  65. Hire ghosts - Ghost writers that is! Let them write for you then submit it on article directories.
  66. Exchange links - It’s a good start. It will help you to be recognize more.(dont beg,ever !)
  67. Give people free samples - Like an e-book, a software or something that useful
  68. Create a huge list - An article that says “69 Ways to Boost your Web Exposure!” Hehehehehe ;)
  69. PPC – Pay Per Click, it’s still the fastest and most effective way but of course, it costs you moolah.
  70. Ping at ping services always when you post article on your blog.. (every post every ping)
  71. Post your/share comments on blogs of top players (problogger,johnchow,gurumonetizer
Well, that’s the end of the “71 ways to boost your web exposure”. I hope that you have learned something new today. Like the list? Did I wrote something wrong? Don’t be shy to tell it to me. I’m just a comment away

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