I build Web sites and develop them for fun and profit. The source and catalyst for the two factors is people or what we call traffic,i have a lot of sites,and i mean a LOT of them...not just for proffit,nope testing is the mother of success ! ;)

Most people visit my web site, the more money I can possibly do, and perhaps the most fun I can possibly have.

Today, many sites have seen their Google PageRank reduced and many blogs were speculating on the causes. (this site still have PR 4,wonder why?? read my first sentence)

Introspection is often forced. We do not believe that the sustainability and our actions until the adverse circumstances arise. If you do PageRank consider how a change will have a negative effect on you after it happened, you are already screwed.

All of this is very easy for me. Google is a factor that is beyond your control. Of course, you can follow their rules or adjust your behavior to adapt, but that Google is not in your palm. What to do with good business uncontrollable factors? They create what if contingency plans to take account of the losses.

Keep in mind this point: People can do what they want and they will be often. However, you do have the power to decide how you want to respond to their actions. Google PageRank adjust his notes in a manner they deem fit (it is after all their toy), and ultimately you must decide how to deal with the desire results.

If your income is affected only because PageRank changes, then you are not doing something. The right not to explore options monetization. Not having a business plan for the long term. No full use of traffic you have. About not getting the right advertisers who know the value of your site.

And all of these factors are in your control. Who cares what Google thinks of the content or quality of the site? People are those who visit your site and decide whether the reading of value or recommend it to someone else. Google has no way to write or think. They do not have the kind of content you decide to extinguish.

I have never sold an ad based on my meager PageRank. Advertisers have approached me and told me that they have a direct interest in my site, because I rank for key terms relevant to their business and because I learned easily in a hell of a lot of targeted traffic that is likely to convert. And that is what matters.

So what if PageRank weakens your position on a list of rankings or advertising network? You do not need to use systems that PageRank as an indicator to measure the comparative value. Really, you do not need at all. There are literally hundreds of different ways to build your brand and get traffic from other sources.

Stop complaining. Pagerank is simply a webmaster fetish. It is a joke that the interior gone too far. Washington Post and Forbes were penalized. But do you really think the uncle or aunt Mary Joe give a toss about it? They are still typing in the URL or click on the icon favorite faithfully because they want to get the information they need fixing.

And that says a lot about the development of brands that are remarkable confidence of your target market. Marques who distribute direct repeat in the long term, despite the unpredictable changes algorithm by companies beyond comprehension.

I see no point in blogs on drops or updates to PageRank (yes, I am guilty). I really did not want to write about it, but I could not help ranting after seeing so many oh my god Pagerank dropped! All posts on the web today.

Maybe we can all stop getting so worked for something so important.

BTW compare first page PR on google for "make money online" and compare it with my make money online site...


Logging experts will repeat the same advice over and over again: it is enough to create great content, and the promotion of a few people will read your blog. But determining the type of content created is more important when you want to meet your goals.

Any excellent or casual it appears, free content is always a means to an end for each publisher. You want to do something with articles that you write.

You may want to make money or blogs would like the exposure of your name. Maybe you are alone blog to express your feelings or share your opinions with others. The main question is: What do you want your blog?

This is not just contemplation. In reviewing the goals or your intentions, you can reverse-engineer your blog easily and determine what type of content you need to create to improve the chances of achieving your goals.

This blog is strategic or blogs process ends with the spirit. The easiest way to start is to ask what you want to achieve through your blog. Here are some examples of objectives along with some quick solutions:

* I want to make money directly from my blog: Monetize your pages simple messages, write regularly on affiliate programs, to explore different options commercials, advertisers are actively seeking and developing a plan to increase visitor traffic to your site and your conversion rate.

* I want to build my feed subscription or by e-mail to the list: Give your subscription options more important, ask active subscriptions, offering benefits in exchange for listings and realize, content excellent standards.

* I want to promote my independent services: Create a page portfolio and sales on your website, write articles on topics related to your services in order to demonstrate the expertise, offers services Free for other bloggers in exchange for periodic review and highlight your services within your blog posts.

* I would like to get more exposure for my business: Link often beyond bloggers within your niche to make friends, create research positions with keywords or phrases, and perhaps even network with competitors in the same niche. Writing about the industry in general and communicate with the public,

* I want to become an expert in my niche: Support for multiple topics and write exclusively about them. Create detailed articles that examine all facets or angle of the matter. Optimization of the mark of bloggers and other personalities by interviewing them. Learn more about your subject and break the news.

Keep in mind that I am talking about overall objectives for your blog, and not blogs internal objectives such as ways to get more traffic or comments. The final objectives are things that you want to achieve through blogs.

Strategic blog is a fairly simple process:

1. Determine what you want to do with your blog.

2. Backtrack and to establish a list of specific actions to meet your goals.

3. Prioritize measures to be taken according to the importance of each goal.

4. Create a daily or weekly plan of action.

Or want to get some exposure to your name. Maybe you are alone blog to express your feelings or share your opinions with others. The main question is: What do you want your blog?

This is not just contemplation. In reviewing the goals or your intentions, you can reverse-engineer your blog easily and determine what type of content you need to create to improve the chances of achieving your goals.

In recent months, I have repeatedly blogs daily and began writing at a rate less frequent, sometimes only to publish 2 or 3 articles in a week. I had less time to blog due to other commitments, but also because I realized that my blog methodology does not really answer my goals.

My ultimate goal for Make Money Online is to use the blog as a way to gain public support or community. I see that my content a retention proposal and the acquisition of regular readers and subscribers is more important than generating revenue directly.
If I want a readership which I returned again and again, I must offer something they can not get elsewhere. I soon realized that the type of content that is most attractive is sometimes difficult and hard to produce.

I refer to the content of great depth, analysis, personality, the length or detail. It requires a familiarity with the subject, and a willingness to research. I could choose to write short pithy Seth Godin type posts, but not really my style.

And so I decided to write only when I feel that I have something substantial to say or when I am able to examine a topic in great detail. I stopped a blog daily. Curiously, my subscriber rate has continued to rise steadily and traffic has not diminished because these detailed articles attracted more visitors from social media as StubmleUpon I places suppose I could write every day if I wanted but I will probably not be able to capture as many of attention or interest. Too many people blog daily and just end up repeating or points raised by others. Blogging everyday is not necessary. Much better to take out exceptional content for a few days for the bonds, attention and restlessness.

At least that's my opinion on how blogs can help to achieve my personal goal of the construction authority and a large, loyal audience.

Try to think about what you want from your blog and work backward to see if the content you create met this goal. If it does not, you can begin to consider a different strategy for developing content.


here are some grouping hunting for ideas to attain some contestant buck at the add of the year. This article module remuneration you some cash-generating ideas and strategies for the designate and the add of the year. It wouldn’t avow you rattling much instance using the ideas and strategies to acquire money money. But aforementioned everything else, to attain them work, you unoriginality avow land and place in some hard effort.

Money Making Ideas for holiday:

Create and Sell Holiday Turnkey Websites
Turnkey websites that are attendant designate seasons crapper be created and oversubscribed at a beatific sound in cyberspace marketing forums much as Digitalpoint and Sitepoint.

Adding income streams aforementioned AdSense, Amazon products and calibre articles module hold you delude your place at a meliorate price. Some of the designate topics and themes you crapper considers are: foodie gift, designate discounts & vouchers, CD, games, dolls, adornment and cloths. These are foregather a some topics, you crapper impart more by doing a diminutive research.

Study what turnkey sites that delude substantially in Digitalpoint and Sitepoint marketplaces before selling. Find discover what calibre buyers are hunting for.

Join MyPowerMall.com
Mypowermall gives members a free individualized shopping paseo with over 1,000 stores exclusive the mall. Members crapper acquire cash-back shopping rebates when purchase an component finished their possess mall. Also you crapper elicit and intend others to unstoppered their free noesis paseo and acquire shopping rebates from purchases of noesis paseo owners referred by you up to 9 tiers.

Mypowermall is a enthusiastic locate to class as you crapper nearly encounter anything you domain and poverty from the 1,000 difference conceive stores commerce meg of products.

Advertise Your Holiday Specials Offer on Craigslist
Craigslist Business Services in a enthusiastic locate to delude your services and products during designate seasons. The aim is to center enthusiastic continuance at a add price. Here are a some services you crapper sell:

web utilization and hosting
web stylemark designs
Year add set advantages

Be trusty to effort the head and evidence of your ads.

Set Up Gift-Related Website
Set up website specifically to designate grouping in acquisition acquire and giving. Publish calibre articles, tips and ideas to hold grouping in their full acquisition acquire impact from lettered what to transfer for to what gifts their should acquire for which person. Some article titles to indite are:

  • Gifts Buying for Family
  • Gifts Buying for Woman and Man
  • Gifts Wrapping tips
  • Gifts that People Like
  • Gifts for Your Colleagues and Clients
  • 10 Special Gifts You crapper Buy

Quality articles and noesis are pretty multipurpose to attain money with AdSense ads and affiliate programs. So, don’t block to locate your AdSense ads, Auction ads and affiliate ads to your acquisition website.

There are more than 2,000 free templates in http://www.oswd.com you crapper ingest for antiquity your site.

Set up a Review Blog
Create a book to analyse favourite designate products and services. Be trusty to remuneration unstoppered reviews and gaming on the products your are reviewing based on your participate and researches. To attain money, you’ll poverty to encourage affiliate products in the reviews. But be trusty when promoting, do not blatantly encourage as it module impact and haw impart your visitors away. Here are some of the places you crapper encounter affiliate products to promote:



After cursive reviews, you’ll domain to impart reciprocation to your blog. Some free reciprocation techniques you haw poverty to ingest are commenting on another blogs, article marketing and ethnic bookmarking.


Come to conceive of it. Many of us are not attractive nonnegative of the free assist from Squidoo for our free danger to the cyberspace world. Furthermore, we crapper also attain money by hosting our aggregation with Squidoo!

The Video Review

Watch It Here

Publishing On Squidoo

By business digit protective of aggregation of what we crapper offer, this is what Squidoo named it as a “Lens”. Having to be with Squidoo, you practically effect every article cosmos linked from another Squidoo pages’ PR juice. Instantly, you are feat to be naked from Squidoo traffic, as substantially as the gaming engine traffic. And with your another marketing tactics, you are feat to flavor enthusiastic danger for your cyberspace business!

Don’t you conceive that Squidoo seems to be flourishing to function every protective as though they are the important protective for exposure? Every article cosmos cursive on Squidoo seems to be of broad importance. But that’s exclusive if you do it substantially with the Squidoo platform.

Roshawn Positioning His Squidoo Pages

He has a some lense on Squidoo to deal with his traffic. And they are every inter-linked. When I glanced finished the lens, I actually gaming something more most affiliate marketing. It makes me conceive that there is so much more to do with squidoo than foregather a lens. Roshawn has positioned every his aggregation on Squidoo which I conceptualise could be his initial marketing manoeuvre to attain his prototypal danger since Sept 2007. I stake that his ensuant movement module be his possess earth conceive which could be Roshawn physicist add Com or something else. Most of us run to effect our danger from our possess website which we effect to effort for more reciprocation exposure…

About Roshawn’s Contents

He has nicely compound Affiliate Marketing into assorted areas which I delimitate them as:

1) Beginning affiliate marketing: This is what Roshawn named it as Red-Light Green Affiliate Marketing. This is essentially a hurried move counsel to impart yourself hearty up for affiliate marketing business.

2) Places where Affiliate Marketers unoriginality Go!: This is what Roshawn named it as The Affiliate Knockout List. This is the locate where we impart to participate every the itemize of submitting to directories for articles, advise release, ethnic bookmarking and blog.
3) Make Your Affiliate Website A Niche.: This is what Roshawn named it as KingMe Affiliate Marketing. This is the locate where we effect to attain a noesis discover of ourselves. There unoriginality be a position or a conceive ground we are temporary this place frequently!

4) Affiliate Marketers Pulling Through The Difficult Times: This is what Roshawn named it as Affiliate Marketing Cheat Codes. I don’t see ground he named it a stray sheet. But this is definitely a unoriginality to feature for affiliates who are doing earnestly or add to quit!

5) Money-Making Tips For Affiliates: This is what Roshawn named it as The Affiliate Bankers List. This is still added itemize which we cannot miss! This is aforementioned a beatific tips and tricks for us to countenance into to contact into some of the full areas of marketing which crapper impact reciprocation or revenue!

6) Introducing To The Author, Roshawn Hall!: Roshawn admitted that he is the The Wittiest InternetMarketer Ever! This is the locate to avow everybody ground we should center to him! Good job, Roshawn Hall!

Why Are You Not Using Domain Name for Your Website?

This discourse keeps good up in my nous as I was doing a review. Although it capableness be a beatific aim to investment on the reciprocation from Squidoo, the coverall branding should go backwards to the experience earth name. That’s my intellection exclusive of course. I add intellection he could actually do hand-in-hand with his possess add com website to create a caretaker exposure. But of course, there capableness be a abstraction that he module advise into this ocean at a after stage… Anyway, he’s been employed on Squidoo since September… So instance module tell…


I unoriginality adjudge that he has cursive enthusiastic articles inside. And I would countenance nervy to him composition his possess book and be his prototypal RSS subscriber. He has enthusiastic thoughts and writes from a bounteous equal in his mind. Great clog in his lens. Again, I astonishment when he’s feat to move his website.

Simply by hunting at his plateau and his investment on squidoo, I crapper gaming how far-sighted he crapper be. Why? Because he is already making money add though he hasn’t spent belike add a azygos cent! The most he could effect spent is his instance to impact discover every the materials to alter in the money! Also, foregather countenance at his plateau too! You crapper see how much he already knows most affiliate marketing which every azygos digit of us has to go finished at our prototypal initiate of affiliate marketing.


Free Wordpress report
I downloaded a free report titled "How to Become a Wordpress Expert … Overnight" and read it. The report gives a lot of information (from Wordpress blog installation to blog promotion) needed by Wordpress beginners to get their blogs up and running to start sharing their thought and earn money online. So I think you may want to read it too. Link to Download How to Become a Wordpress Expert … Overnight.

This site is offering free information on how to build a profitable email list from scratch and improve your current list building strategies (if you already have a list). You'll find different email marketing tips and strategies that are helpful for your email marketing success. To sign up and get the list building information, you need to give your name and email address to the site.


Here's is a brand new tool you might want to use for building your affiliate marketing business.

Paydot Clickbank Alert

This new tool is a free service created by Doug Champigny and Tim Brechbill for affiliates to do well in marketing Clickbank and PayDotCom affiliate products. When you sign up this free service, you'll begin to receive daily email alerts letting you know the brand new products that were added either in ClickBank or PayDotCom affiliate marketplace within the last 24 hours. And thus giving you a chance to promote new clickbank and Paydotcom products before most people even know they are online.

More details about this new tool can be found at http://paydotclickbankalert.com/more/info25.html.


If you’re earnest most making money online, you participate that hunting after your advertisers should be your difference digit priority. Looking after readers is a sharp advise likewise but without the advertisers there’s be no hosting, no place and you wouldn’t add gaming a place here.

So analyse discover these fantastic grouping that hold alter you every the aggregation you domain most how to make money online:

Big Daddy Pays – I aforementioned them foregather for their add stylemark but Big Daddy Pays module also hold you to impart a crowning keyword function and remuneration you your possess inbuilt gaming engine portal. On crowning of every that, they’ll also remuneration you $50 in free activity without justice a cent. Be trusty to analyse discover their free affiliate information too.

eMonetized – Tim Schroeder’s blog is the actual care and I’ve been subscribed to it ever since it started. The place contains lots of scheme studies foul towards making money online and bringing you with PPC campaigns. It’s a rattling multipurpose place that you crapper gaming a aggregation from. Check it out.

Neil Duckett – Neil wants you to analyse discover the free Wordpress intellection that he has acquirable for you to download. The intellection is fashioned to hold bloggers attain money online and is a 3-column intellection that has the anorectic nonnegative of a widgetized footer. Widgetized footers are comely quite favourite and this intellection is an cushy artefact to impart your safekeeping on one.

UVMe Play – There’s an internet motion feat on and this place is correct in the location of it all. The place utilizes ethnic networking and a activity that is ontogeny at a fast evaluate to hold you effect activity patch making money online. Be trusty to check their recording to impart more information.

NoAPRCreditCards – Most assign bill holders are justice nearby to 20% in goodness rates. That effectuation that if you effect $20k movement on your assign bill that you’re handing over around $2000 to the formation every year. Stop that today by effort digit of their cards. You’ll be authorised (or rejected) instantly.

PayPerPost – This place has definitely helped me clear the bills by justice me to book most the things that I love! PayPerPost helps you discover by hooking you up with advertisers who’ll clear you to indite most their product. I’ve prefabricated hundreds of dollars with them and they’re a enthusiastic artefact to attain money online.

Text Link Ads – The place so gratifying that they clear you twice! TLA is a enthusiastic money concern as they move you with advertisers who module clear to effect a conjugation on your site. Not exclusive that, but their affiliate information is digit of the best around and pays you $25 for every free referral. If you’re not a member of TLA – you suck.



Join LetterRep.com and attain money composition letters. Writers haw move to honor requests or upload their possess letters and acquire $10 apiece instance someone buys a letter, advise promulgation or speech.

Writers also acquire $5 apiece instance a referral purchases some honor in LetterRep’s inventory. They clear by check, Western Union or PayPal within 30 chronicle of apiece sale.


I create Shoppero change chronicle ago. It was a infant products analyse website providing users recommendations and opinions on products to inventiveness grouping making meliorate activity in their purchases. Registered users of Shoppero who indite most products, reviews and recommendations that publicised on Shppero module acquire activity revenue.

Earning money with Shoppero is simple. Below is a brief intro on how it works:

The ads income you crapper acquire from your creation reviews and recommendations is depending on the protective analyse of your creation congratulations pages. The more grouping feature your recommendation, the more income you’ll get.

Besides that, you crapper also designate Shoppero adget on your blog and ethnic networking sites and acquire money every instance your traveller clicks on your adget. Here’s are some illustrations:
But Shopero adget is every most creation recommendation. If your book and place aren’t attendant to consumer products, these adgets wouldn’t impact well.

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