A few days ago I came across the site a cool tool called Site SEO Grader. It calculates your PR Google, Alexa, Technorati Rank, Inbound Links Google, Yahoo Inbound Links, Delicious Saved Comte, Google indexed pages, and gives you a single score (0-100). It is cool, but there are many more similar tools on the market.

What caught my attention is that a pure statistical evaluations of your blog its legibility. It i's near the end of the report:

Readability Level:? Grade

This score measures the approximate level of education required to read and understand the contents of the web page. In most cases, the content must be made to be simple, so the majority of the target audience can understand.

That is great, but is it reliable? Well, there is no explanation on the score at grade algorithm so I recovered a few scores to other sites on similar topics I but with different writing styles and compared them with scores Site Grader. Let we see the results:

John Chow - 5th Grade
Shoemoney - 5th Grade
CashQuests - Grade 6
Blogging Fingers - Grade 6
DoshDosh - 11th Grade
Copyblogger - High School + 3 Year College
Problogger - High School + 3 Year College
Blogging Secret - Advanced Degree (PhD)

When you look at the blogs that have the same score You will notice they are indeed similar. Shoemoney Chow and John are both simple and easily digestible writing stiles (although Shoemoney doesn't give a lot of grammar). The same goes for CashQuests fingers and blogs. 5th and 6th Graders probably not to be able to understand the content, but they could certainly read it without spelling.

DoshDosh is also writing clean but his approach is a bit more professional, business, and so on. That is why it is necessary to have a little more education than the blogs mentioned above to read it.

Copyblogger and Problogger are also very similar, and often treated as sisters sites. Their writing is quite complex. Degree higher education is really necessary to read them with ease.

Blogging secret is apparently typical blog make money, but once you start reading it, you will understand why you need a Ph.D. to understand its contents. The grammar is simply horrible. Final Verdict

judging from the results, it so obvious that the level of readability pointing is not just popping-up random results, it can clearly interpret how to read a given site. I also believe that slight increases in grades it can mean anything. I think it would be very unlikely that a 5th grader read easily Shoemoney then go to CashQuests and not be able to understand a single word of its contents.

I figure there is a space of 3 levels of education you need to focus on the moment to try your blog's legibility.

1. Grades below - Your blog is simply written, and it \ 's easy for readers to understand.
2. High School and College - Your blog d \ 'writing is complex and many of your readers will struggle to understand it.
3. Advanced Degree (PhD) - Start taking English classes.

This tool could be useful for you?

If you want to judge someone else's blog level of readability, this tool is useless. You can be the judge of that.

When it comes to your own blog, it's very likely that you lack objectivity and incorrectly assess your blog's legibility. In this case, this tool will be useful!

Wanna know how my site is ranked in the second test i make only to say 93 of 100 :D

A website grade of 93/100 for maximizingrevenuetips.blogspot.com means that of the hundreds of thousands of websites that have previously been evaluated, our algorithm has calculated that this site scores higher than 93% of them in terms of its marketing effectiveness. The algorithm uses a proprietary blend of over 50 different variables, including search engine data, website structure, approximate traffic, site performance, and others.

The software is constantly being upgraded and the algorithm enhanced. The number of potential recommendations provided by the tool is also increasing frequently. Please check back often.....

If you are interested to read more about my statistics visit this link :



Many bloggers are newsletters by e-mail to get more visibility for their sites, and they are often satisfied with the results.

One of the main providers of email is a site called iContact. Actually, I'm just guessing because I i' m not using the service, and I don't know much about it. All I do know is that the monthly membership costs a little less than $ 10 and more than 100000 people are using it.

So why am I talking?

IContact offers an ingenious service that takes your entry traffic to a whole new level. It calls iContact Community.

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

IContact Community is a digg-like site that allows you to make comments, rank and discuss email newsletters, which are spread over 18 categories, publishers enabling them to reach the top Home for most visitors to their blog.

You can register to vote and comment free, but you must register for the newsletter iContact service to become an editor.

The community has over 120000 members and a rapid growth through iContact efforts to promote the site, set up to purchase ads and sponsored comments. I'm sure that the membership will double up quickly giving publishers more exposure.

And fo sure that is not all ...

* You can find some great stuff to subscribe to newsletters. You can really see how they look before you subscribe!

* It is so unique! It is the first site of social bookmarking newsletters. If (somehow), it is not first, it is certainly the most significant.

* People must pay to be able to publish articles, you will no longer have to deal with those annoying / worthless spam posts that make up a large part of Digg and other social networks free.

* There is no "bury" buttons, which means that a publisher can 'being harassed by corrupt member groups, which happens all the time, again , Digg. If you have a good story, he hit the front page!

* The design is neat and the pages are easy to navigate.

So, if you are interested in using ballots promotion for your blog, I suggest you start with iContact. It will give you more traffic than any other newsletter supplier could !


What Is MyLot

MyLot is a new Social Networking community that pays members to start discussions, join discussions, and basically use & enjoy the community.

I signed up for an account myself, and decided to sit down this morning and check it out. I started by trying to customize my profile, but really had no idea what I was doing. I added a few photos, then skipped to the Add / Edit section interest..

From there, it asks you a series of questions such as: What kind of movies and music that you like, your favorite foods, pets that you have, that you like sports, hobbies, the things you want to do in your life, etc.

Once you set up your profile and say MyLot on your interests , you can join all the debates going on in various categories. You can begin by considering the day's most popular discussions or most recent debates - or you can see the discussions that match your personal interests.

It is a very intuitive site, in the interest of discussions about the ads that appear on top. All this is served up based on what you have listed in your profile, and it makes it very interesting - and incredibly addictive!

How can you earn money to MyLot

There are two ways to make money with the community MyLot: 1) participate in discussions and options on the site (like the photo of vote) , and 2) new members on the site. My

referral link is: http://www.mylot.com/?ref=GuruMonetizer, if you wish to register ;)

When you refer new members, you get a bonus equal to 25 % of their earnings. MyLot take only the percentage of members' salary, but you pay the premium directly to your referrals.

In addition, you earn an amount for each discussion as you start, comment or participate in MyLot to the community. Different contributions that you make different customer benefit, based on the quality and popularity of the content you are adding.

I have no idea what the earnings potential with this site is for someone who is completely addicted popular and begins discussions on a daily basis. If you have a personal experience with MyLot and wage rates, do not hesitate to post a comment below and give us some insight from your experiences.

You get to include a link to your site on your profile, and select the text to Link as well as a hyperlink. Becoming active in the discussions about your site could result in a great source of targeted traffic.

So once again if you want to register to MyLot join here


What Is BlogRush

What are the primary requirements of a successful website and how do you go about keeping it in the Top of the Search Engine Rankings?

If like me you have a Blog forming the main portal to your business online then you need to have an effective method of directing targetted traffic to it is perhaps the fundamental tool for you to have at your disposal, hence BlogRush. A Blog feature which provides content appropriate to the content of your blog and a way of effecting traffic with specific relevance to your topic. Some of you may know the name John Reese, who has been a major provider in the field of Internet Marketing for a number of years, and who operated the Opportunity.com site until recently. But obviously he felt the need to shift his emphasis and direct his energies into a more potent area and his latest tool for the online marketer is BlogRush. You can see it here on my site and registering is FREE and relatively simple process,when you register you need to get approved but almost every blog is approved. I welcome your feedback on my content and i hope that you will share your experience with blogrsuh on your blog if you have it or when you install it.

TIP:If you adding BlogRush to wordpress blog the easiest way to do it is to go at your template widget panel add "text 1" into on of you sidebar then click one "text-1" and insert the code.


Just few minutes ago i received another e-mail from "Vince Tan" if you don't know who si Vince...google it :D

He and his friend Edmund Loh recently released an exclusive MP3 audio recording called
"The Internet Marketing Factor".

In this 32 minute 18 second audio session, the 2
leading Internet Entrepreneurs answer the most
controversial question:

1)What ARE the Internet Marketing SUCCESS factors?"

2)Is AGE a factor?

3)Is TECHNICAL SKILL a factor?


5)Then what else really matters?

They have all the answers here - and it's yours to grab
at zero-cost:

Remember: NO sign up required. NO catches. Just
download it right away and listen to the MP3 audio. The
PDF transcript is also included.

Here's to Making 2008 a GREAT Year for all of us!


Last week i watched tutorial site created by Liz Tomey & John Hostler and found that they have put together a package that has everything you need to start making money online by selling resell rights products. And the best part about this tutorial site is that you can get access to the package at no cost.Yes that means FREE...

Here's what you'll get in the resell rights package:

1) A Series of Video Tutorials - Resell Rights For Newbies
There is a total of 12 video tutorials showing you how to start a resell rights business from scratch using the right tools and set up a website to launch your resell rights business,but remember DON'T GIVE UP !

2) Resell Rights For Newbies Manuals
E-books and resources you can read to understand more about resell rights, learn how to become a profitable reseller and the different marketing strategies you can use to promote your website to generate sales.

3) The Newbies Ultimate Resell Rights Toolbox
Info and guide about getting more traffic to your site,pretty basic things..but what a hell its free.

Link to the free package is http://www.resellrightsfornewbies.com.


The suspicion of being an businessman is delectable to most people, though how do we know if we can be a home formed business guru

Great formulation as great as analysis of your strengths can be a starting indicate for initial last if we will be a great during using your own commercial operation. However, a great commercial operation owners additionally knows which expelling all a risks of commercial operation is probably unfit. So, initial see if we can revoke a risk by last if we will initial have a great home formed commercial operation businessman.

One trait a great home formed commercial operation businessman has is being a hustler. Using your own commercial operation equates to following by upon all a sum as great as organizing your own time. Being a home formed commercial operation businessman equates to we run a total uncover, as great as there is no relying upon a trainer to keep we in line.

Another critical peculiarity in a home formed commercial operation businessman is removing along with a lot of opposite personalities. In using your own commercial operation, we will be faced with all from perfectionist clients, dangerous staff, as great as even capricious vendors. Balancing a accumulation of people we will be operative with as great as their opposite quirks is critical to being a great home formed commercial operation businessman.

Being a great preference builder is additionally critical to being a great home formed commercial operation businessman. A great commercial operation owners will be means to have discerning, though in effect, decisions in roughly any incident, together with vigour filled resources. Additionally, a home formed commercial operation businessman will need to be means to have decisions upon his or her own. Infrequently, there is no a single else to rest upon or to ask about commercial operation issues which come up.

A great work ethic as great as a lot of appetite is indispensable to be an in effect home formed commercial operation businessman. Infrequently a vigour will be upon to do a large pursuit or a series of tasks, as great as so a home formed commercial operation businessman will infrequently need to put in prolonged hours as great as work 6 or 7 days a week.

If we have been orderly as great as know how to devise great, afterwards we have been a single step forward toward being a great home formed commercial operation businessman. There is a poignant volume of investigate which shows just how necessary classification is to carrying a successful home formed commercial operation. Keeping lane of tasks, finance management, register, schedules, as great as some-more is necessary to using a successful commercial operation,so if you want to expand your skills and earn money online read this pdf file.

Download a Free Discerning Begin Home Based Busniess Workbook ( Value$ 97!) as great as embrace profitable tips, strategies as great as techniques written to grow a really successful Home Formed Commercial operation.


I have some very cool news for you…

Remeber my old post about Internet Marketing Tips and Techniques from SEO Experts that can Help You Boost Your Online Sales and Earning and a new video of Andy Jenklin showing how you can increase your returns online

Here is another website conversion software...for FREE !

StomperNet is giving away their new website conversion software “Stomper Scrutinizer”. You can click here to check out their video message and then download it or you can read about it on the Stomper blog.

Very cool gift!

If you try it out, please let me know what you think of it.


Last year saw the arrival of online media industry. If you run a website or blog, it would be well advised to realign your site to exploit the popular media social increased traffic sites.

You should also introduce social media to your website, because users know these new forms of interaction more sites and they will wait for the same from your site.
If you want to attract visitors and want to stay longer, your attention for the coming months should be on the social aspects of your site.

Social media uses technologies such as RSS, blogs, podcasting, marking, etc., and provides social networks (MySpace, Facebook), Social and share video images (YouTube, Flickr), and community-based classification of content (Digg, MiniClip) characteristics.

The central theme of these sites is user generated used for the sharing of content among others. The social aspects of these sites allow users to configure social communities, invite friends and share common interests.

You don't have to change your site to immediately take advantage of these new technologies. Introduce small changes gradually and you will be well on your way to your visitors new expectations.

12 Easy Steps For Expanding Your Traffic With Social Media Sites

Step 1.
Declaring that you are in the online community. People should be able to relate to you. At least they know more about you, you are just an unknown identity and most people don't like to deal with people they don't know. About Me create a page to your list of accomplishments, skills and aspirations.

Step 2. Create a MySpace page and biography of your link in the profile MySpace page. Also a link back to the top MySpace to your website. Pass an hour each week to build your social network online MySpace. Invite some of your new friends to write articles on your blog site on your products or services.

Step 3. Install a free blog and begin to publish at least one article in your blog each week. Represent an easy way to bookmark function social bookmarking sites like del.icio.us. This is done by setting a key action for each item on your site. The action button takes users to the design of the page to bookmark the site.

Step 4. Providing direct action button to display the articles of Digg blog. Digg is a site for grading news. A well dugg article will bring thousands of visitors to you.

Step 5. Provide a forum on your site for users to discuss your products and services. and delete negative comments, because they provide insights into the necessary improvements to better serve your visitors. However, hate speech and censorship sense bantering. Save your forum to BoardTracker. BoardTracker is a forum search engine.

Step 6. If you offer products enable users to examine and evaluate your products. This will help in inventory management, because you may want to stop low-rated products.

Step 7. Providing RSS feeds for your new products, blogs, forums, etc. An RSS feeds provides videos of your content. Users use RSS readers to scan your videos and visit your site for more information if they are interested teasers.

Step 8. Publish all your feeds in Feedburner. Feedburner provides media distribution and services for engagement audience RSS. They also provide an advertising network for your stream. If you have quality content, you will be able to monetize your content using their services.

Step 9. - How to create short or new products and videos from these videos in the social sphere, such as video-sharing sites YouTube and Google Video. Provide a few frames starting and ending in these videos to submit your site with the URL of your site. Post-catching videos using these titles, descriptions teaser, and the appropriate tags to make them easy to discover.

Step 10. Provide links to your remote embedded videos on your site. This will save your bandwidth and storage space because the videos can be found on sites for sharing video, rather than on your own site server.

Step 11. As videos, the use of social sharing sites like Flickr SmugMug photos and share photos related to the content of your site. Use the same title, description and the tag techniques mentioned above for social video sites.

Step 12. Provide a "Send to a friend " for all goods and services that you offer. This feature is a link that sends the article, the product description, etc. to a recipient via email.

Social media is not a fad. It is here to stay and makes a profound change of internet 'experiences. Now is the right time to implement features that will make your site social-Media-Friendly. Also, using marketing techniques that use the popular media social sites, you will see a massive increase in traffic to your site,also i want to encourage you to read my article on make money with digg,and use the best of it.


I Think You probably heard of Hubpages.com many times already because the site has been mentioned in many blogs and websites.

Hubpages is an online publishing community where users can publish their content on the topics they love to write with an opportunity to make money from Google AdSense, eBay and Amazon ads on all their published content. Hubpages has been growing rapidly during the past 12 months, they now have over 100,000 register users and near five millions visitors per month. So if you have been searching for some ways to make money online writing and still not yet join Hubpages, I suggest you take a look at it.


Hubpages provides a set of non-tech tools to help you publish your articles easily. You can add photo and video to your article pages (hub pages) to make you articles more interesting to read. And since Hubpages get millions of visitors monthly, if your articles are interesting and helpful enough, you may get a lot of people viewing your articles. And more article views would mean more ads revenue generated for you. (Remeber they have over 5 million views per month)

You may earn a nice extra income if you publish your articles often and each of your article is good enough to attract a reasonable amount of people reading it. There are actually quite a lot of authors making few hundreds dollar extra every month from Hubpages now. But there are also many users not making money in Hubpages. It all depend on your hard work, the number of articles your have contribute and most importantly the amount of visitors your article pages can attract.

Tip: Make one article about the things you love and blog about submit it to EzineArticles.com and link it with the article on your post and HubPages..


This is the death of niche marketing? or NOT ?!

If you are trying to move in the niche dating, dog training, food or any niche that you i' ve been hearing about how the internet gurus tear profit like crazy, the answer is yes.

A few years ago, it was easy to make profits in niche markets.

But with the launch of private label rights and all sorts of niche marketing affiliations that provide market studies, list of keywords, competitive analysis, and so on, the games have become more competitive than ever -- for those who have not the slightest idea of building an online business profitable. By marketing experience? Not a bit.

Imagine that everyone can dive in the niche marketing business almost within 24 hours with such tools available today. That is either scary or a damn good news. The gurus are even more happy because they can use these to their advantage simply because they KNOW HOW.

However, most people dont get. For example, they obtain rights MDD content of the dating niche and are enthusiastic about the idea of selling a dating info-product. Here's what's going to happen - they ' ll go head to head competition with shock gurus of the old school who have been in this niche for years and wonder why it never works.

They are not afraid of competition. I refer to the old school players. Like the lucrative niche internet marketing. Do you think that the players in this niche are newcomers worry? NOT AT ALL because they have the authority and credibility to support them. And most importantly, they got the network of joint venture partners, which have been built since the first day. I'm not worry of competition.

So, this brings me to another discovery of niche marketing - the mine long tail. Some called 'low hanging fruit'. Others called them, 'sub-market'. Whatever.

The long tail of niche marketing is not new, but it was not be interesting to the public. Several reasons. Most 'marketing on the Internet ' learn that the niche marketing are not a niche marketing, and that is a horrible reality. So they really dont have any ideas how it works. Therefore, you will see a lot of niche marketing courses available, as most of them are tested without rehash information-proven strategies.

Second reason? Those who know and teach. Its, either because they are not interested in extending their activities in the internet marketing niche or they are too busy making money in the long tail of niche marketing.

Now - you may have heard of the long tail of the other. Good - you are keeping your head up.

Big player Amazon.com...noticed that almost all the titles of the books that you are looking for. Even rare are on Amazon.com. These are the long tails and they are there for one reason-there to the request, and people are buying. Imagine if Amazon.com casts long queues for all books - I bet that all affect their net profit.

I know a brilliant marketing of the Internet that is sold by selling books in the public domain in the long queue category because nobody sees the opportunity. These \ 'old \' books still have its own market.

Back to the question of having a small market size. That is not true.

How can you tell if a market is big or not? Based on the Overture or any other keyword tools? That is crazy. You are betting your company on these tools when there is a chance you do not understand how the marketing research niche. These tools are useful for organic or paid search engine competitive research, but just a tip of the iceberg for niche marketing research.

There is more than meets the eye, my friend.

Although the size of a market or volume is very important to determine the profitability of a long tail market, but also zooms Long-tailed dominating the market. It mind if the market is small, so Im from the dominant player in it because the reward is greater. It is better to be a big fish in a small pond rather then a small fish in a big pond.

The market dominance can be summed up as the go to l site and Recommendation No. 1 for your long-tailed niche market. With further development, market dominance can take many forms, search engines, a list of joint venture partners, affiliate programs, etc. If your site appears on # 1 or No. 2 in google. com for certain search keywords, you have a dominant search engine keyword niche.

I imagine that too many people are focused on the "big gains 'in a particular niche market because of being exposed to so many dreams and hopes. Sometimes, I was 'trapped there as well, but I will always try to be aware of whats going on. Once you are aware, you willl see a better chance in it. If you see the 'diet super niche can be lucrative, thinking of its long tail. Follow it.

Starting an online business to make money is NOT BADLY - it is enough to invest your time to learn and do.

But in truth, it money to be made in the long tail of niche markets that are willing to take advantage - best of all, it its right under your nose and note a lot of people trying to share your pie.

For more niche ideas you can read my post about
Make Money With Niche Websites


A large tract of land can be used for many purposes, to build schools, houses, nightclubs and shopping malls. People visiting these places to buy products, learn skills and have fun.

The Internet is similar. Websites are often created to meet the needs and desires of the crowd. People will visit these sites or use them for information or entertainment.

When generating returns online, visit the virtual real estate: as buildings, Web sites are profitable entities that can be developed or purchased.

Successful Web entrepreneurs think like investors. Often willing to explore ideas and concepts outside their niche interests, they build sites with the aim of improving their overall net worth. They think not only in terms of profits, but being sold values and how each site complements their entire portfolio of Web properties.

I am always looking to build / purchase turnkey and Web sites, not only because its fun but very difficult at the same time. Blog sites are not particularly interesting to me and I thought that I will make a list of some ideas of the site, you can develop.

Each site or type idea is a potential winner. None of them can not be ruled out definitively, as a large part of any site's potential profit depends on how you market the site and grow from the ground up. If you are an excellent leader for the strategic direction and marketing, it is not difficult to make even the most common ideas a success.

How good are developing sites? Most sites are, if you have the time and are willing to devote time and money and energy on sites increasingly aggressive. Being a webmaster optimistic, I would say that you can make a profit on anything if you work hard.

The market and Sitepoint Digital Point market are probably two of the most popular places to buy sites of all kinds. Watch them if you are interested in increasing your virtual mass. You will find all the ideas site below in the two forums:

1. Site Affiliated consideration. Create a Web site that reviews affiliate products such as making money online programs, Web hosting services and so on Wordpress Run it and update it every day with food or objects affiliate . How you are going to do depends on the thickness (volume content), the site is.

2. Produced fan blog. Create a blog popular Wordpress around a product and update every day with news on the product. The i-phone is a good example of a hot product to choose. Traffic will be quite decent in time if the product / s have longevity,or you can surf prweb.com for new products,and make a site around that niche.

3. Sites auction. Create a web site that looks like eBay to enable users to sell and buy products from each other. You will generate revenue from ads to monetize and design of a commission on each sale. You can get high regular income if you sell products or ticket niche enough to get a loyal user base.

4. Dating sites. Dating sites are communities that allow users to record, chat and meet other interested users. They can be easily turnkey with configuration scripts that you really need a custom template coding and some work done to make it competitive or attractive enough for some users. Markus Frind is currently the largest publisher Adsense individual and does well over $ 10K day of its online dating service, free Plenty of Fish. (Dont try this if you dont have an a team with you to work around the site,because competition is hugeeeee)

5. Made for Adsense Websites. These are Web sites with a keyword domain, and they came with a group of pre-written articles on a specific topic. Examples of common items include acne, cancer, health and finance. These are usually boring, low-maintenance sites, which are coated with contextual ads. Incredibly easy to create using the platform Wordpress.

6. Affiliate site products. It is a salespage which sells an electronic product as an electronic book. Create a product, buy an existing one or simply find someone to do it. The main way to make money is to buy a player or trafficking of your salespage and make money when purchasing your electronic book or opt into your email list. This is an easy way to generate real income, especially if you have a niche product or am qualified to promote your brand and salespage.

7. Online games / Arcade sites. Find someone to develop an online game which is reserved for members and earn money by selling points, which allow users to unlock additional options in the game. Arcade sites are simply sites with a collection of flash or online games. They are monetized through ads. The games can spread rapidly if they are well designed and attractive.

8. Forums or Social Network. Select a topic that is able to attract a decent amount of users and to create a forum or social network. The income will not happen quickly and a lot of work is needed to build the community. Create a blog on the same field and use for promotional purposes. There is a potential to earn a good sum of money when the forum becomes large or popular.

9. Some specialized search engines. Building a search tool that allows visitors to find specific types of media. Include your AdSense ads in the pages of research. Such tools are not usually very good, unless you provide additional value above research. Examples of things to add ajax include research, and the recommendation folksonomy engines.

10. The paid membership site. These members are sites that provide educational assistance lessons on a specific topic or to offer a large archive of resources, and a forum. An example of this is teaching Sells site. Members will pay a fixed fee each month to maintain their membership status.

11. Design / Coding Service site. Create a Web site that provides a suite of web design or logo, alongside the DSP coding XHTML, Wordpress and Joomla. Rental freelance designers and coders and manage them. Their pay a portion of each sale and promotion of your site through blogs and forums webmasters. (remeber my article about rent a coder ? )

12. File Hosting site. Develop a host file that allows users to post and share their files online with other users. There is a lot of competition in this niche's very difficult to make some real money, unless you innovate in the marketplace or functionality.

13. Web Directories. A web directory is a list of web sites and earn money for both advertising and selling lists of premiums. Most of the work should focus on the marketing and branding of the site. Niche directories with a good reputation might find it easier to make money.

14. Online tool on the Web. This includes shorteners Web, spell checkers, picture editors, file converters and various tools for webmasters (keyword volume, link popularity). Often, visitors return to your site to use these tools, if they are comprehensive enough, or if your site is well designed and truly useful.

15. Create Proxies. These are Internet sites that allow a websurfer not only to surf anonymously bypass certain filters, but which prevents the display of a site. They are popular with the crowd Myspace and often require a dedicated server. There are many allies on the market, but it may be worth exploring. Income is largely passive.

16. Model commercial sites. Basically this involves creating website readymade models for sale. They can be assembled in sales packages and traffic can be obtained through PPC advertising. If you are not interested in the production of original models, you can run the site using the flow subsidiary of another model established websites like Template Monster model.

17. Adwords Sites .Try to find a long tail niche,and setup a small site with good content around that long tail niche,upload you affiliate banners and promotions around content text,normally you must apply to adwords,and setup a keyword list,and promotional text...but that is a story for another time ;)

Now submit these sites that you create using a method that i wrote earlier :make money with digg part 1 and use the process of getting double links in google from latest stomper video .


Last night Google released a new feature for Google Webmaster Tools named Content Analysis. Vanessa Fox's Search Engine Land post named Google's Webmaster Tools Adds More Diagnostic Features and Video Sitemaps is outstanding. Basically, the Content Analysis feature shows you problem areas with your sites from an on-page search engine optimization standpoint. It shows very basic issues like title tag issues, meta tags and non-indexable content issues. Here is a look at some of the issues (i have some problems with my insite pages PR)from the :

Make Money Online

Here is the overview page, summarizing my problems:

Web Crawl Report :

Content Analysis

See potential problems with site metadata, such as title and meta description information.

My Problem is in Crawl Stats :

These statistics provide distribution information for pages we have crawled for our google.com index. The PageRank distribution reflects all crawled pages in your site, not just the home page.

I have low page rank on some of my pages,but i will fix that with another method Its a video of making money online with double results pages...watch it.

The forum discussion is currently very lacking. Honestly, this is an outstanding feature and I would have expected to see a lot more discussion out in the forums on this already.But be patient in the next week we will see more.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.


Do PayPerPost Suck?!

Last week i apply for program payperpost..and i receive an e-mail from their "automated" secretary...lol remind me to say nice things about payperpost....only kidding.

Dear Ervin Humic,

This is a notification to let you know that your blog, Make Money
Online With GuruMonetizer, has been rejected for the following reason(s):

Thank you for your blog submission!

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that this blog is being
kept up only for purposes of payment through our services and/or payment
from online contests, lotteries, pyramid schemes, etc. It is in our
advertiser’s best interest that we do not allow these types of blogs to
take the opportunities in our Marketplace. But, feel free to use PPP
Direct and the Affiliate tools!

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"contests, lotteries, pyramid schemes"

PayPerPost i'm interested which blog of your "approved" list is not about:contests ,lotteries ,pyramid schemes ?

If you dont know EVERY MAKE MONEY ONLINE BLOG is about contests,lotteries,pyramid money making schemes.

So please go and writte a detailed tos about your service,and save a time for those people who want to join your payperpost site

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So here is the question for all of my visitors who use payperpost program :

1 ) Do PayPerPost Suck?!
2) Did you make any money from this site?


Blog SEO TipsIf you are intellection to be more earnest with your blog marketing efforts incoming year, it module be adjuvant to have up on the noesis today on how to meliorate your blog’s gaming engine grownup to habitus traffic. Here are digit enthusiastic reads for you:

How to Market Your Blog with Conversations from Yaro Starak, digit of the online entrepreneurs I follow. It’s actually a distribution warning from his Blog Mastermind e-course and has a striking of enthusiastic tips and tricks for book marketing newbies.

Blogger’s Guide to SEO from the SEO guru himself, SEO Book communicator contestant Wall and his idolized spouse Giovanna Wall. It’s a well-written example on the essentials of making a book defence discover not exclusive for the gaming engines but of course, for the human readers.

These module definitely hold me fine-tune my marketing plans…enjoy


Recently this blog had a makeover,the reason for this is simple i want to be different ...so i decided to go back to my old days of making money....the one and only Rent A Coder.

What is Rent a Coder

Rent a coder is an international marketplace where people who need custom software developed coders can find in safe and supportive environment for business. Buyers can choose cherry reservoir ... from 192697 coders This enables them to hire a coder across the country or around the world… in the comfort of their computer. Buyers who want to hire overseas, can benefit from favorable foreign exchange rates, this work was performed for 50-90% less than if the project was carried out in the country. Coders are also given access to a huge pool of potential work and are able to work independently in their homes rather than to a business.

How does it work?

Buyers often need custom software developed in order to improve their business or personal use. These buyers view their projects on the Rent a Coder's Web site, with a maximum amount they are willing to pay. The project is seen by 192697 coders from around the world and they put their offers on the execution of the work. The buyer may browse each bidder resume, certifications and previous work history (including comments left by previous buyers) on the site.

When the buyer finds a coder as they want, they can rent locally. To make the transaction a safe, the buyer does not pay the encoder directly, but escrows funds into a special account Rent A Coder. This guarantees the buyer that the encoder is solvent, but also reassures the buyer, because the encoder does not receive the money until the work is completed. When the work (or a pre-agreed on the portion of the work) is completed… buyer release funds for the coder. When the work is completed, both sides rate of the other party to help future buyers and coders on the site.

If a problem occurs, the rental Coder facilitator to help stage. Should a dispute arise, the facilitator will, in accordance with the rules of this site in order to ensure a fair and equitable outcome for both parties.

How does Coder rental make money?

Rent a Coder made some cash as a percentage of the final transaction amount. This tax of 15% and making encoder. It goes without credit card to pay transaction costs, fees bridge, the costs of arbitration, membership fees, advertising costs and the rest of the business is profit.

So if you want to join and try out Rent A Coder click on the image...

Or if you want to see my ratings follow this link,or you can find it in menu selection..


Make Money With Digg Part 2

Before I Continue with this part you should read part 1 of make money with digg

Typically, 50 diggs in a quick time should get you on the front page, but if you were to get less diggs in a faster time, you may also succeed. The splurge of diggs has to be within 24 hours of submission of the article, so make sure you’re well prepared.

So how are you going to kick start your article?

Firstly asking your regular readers to digg your articles seems obvious, but it’s often forgotten, and readers won’t think to digg unless they’re reminded of it. Simply put a note at the end of the post asking readers to digg the article, and ensure you have the digg button there at the end of the post. (If using Wordpress, the plugin here is very handy for this.)

So hopefully you have a few loyal readers on your site that will give you a few diggs. Now I’ll tell you a good way to get yourself dugg. Sometimes, you must give to receive. Find the top diggers and people who post a lot, and digg their stories consistently. Soon they’ll notice and check you out, and digg in return. If possible, even have them submit your story for you, and there’s even less work for you, as their reputation will work wonders for you.

Make yourself at least 15-20 Digg friends, and be kind to them. Digg their stories and comment. Give and you shall receive. The more friends you make, the better, but a minimum of 15-20 is absolutely necessary. Making friends is easy. Digg random articles you like, and leave a nice comment, and do this as often as possible. Add the people you digg, or often they will add you as soon as you comment and digg them. Don’t forget new users always want new friends, they’re all lonely in a huge digging world you know!

If you manage to comment first on what you think will be a popular story, make sure you make a somewhat memorable comment, and you give yourself a good chance of other people checking you out. A good profile username and picture also increases your chances of getting noticed. It’s the little things that can give you an advantage here.

A simple sure fire way to get your story dugg is to use the “Freebie” section of Digital Point forums, found here. Here you’ll notice that over 80% of threads are stumble or digg exchange requests. And you guessed it, they’re free. So find threads of digg exchanges, and digg the links left, and post your link in return. Ensure that you use a service like TinyUrl.com to hide your digg URL, as this helps stop you from getting banned from Digg. Be sure to keep up with your thread, and reply often to let people know you have returned their diggs. This will keep your thread near the top of the forum, and this will bring more diggs. If you are desperate, offer to pay for diggs, and offer a very low amount. Obviously more people will digg even if they’re receiving a miniscule amount of money in return, and many will digg you for free, in the hope of receiving positive reputation points in return.

If you use all my methods you should have gotten enough diggs to reach the front page, and your site will be exposed to thousands. If for some reason you still need more diggs, UserSubmitter might be worth a look, but as you well know by now, there are far easier methods to get diggs for free.

Lately it’s thought that the number of times your article is favorited is also important in getting onto the frontpage, so encourage people to favourite it too.

Also note that the Digital Point member, “Stormer320” offers 350 diggs for 30$, but can only provide this service on weekends or holidays. I personally asked him how he got into this business, and his reply was that he simple has a ton of Digg friends.

Now how can I make money off this?

Well firstly, getting your own site on the Digg homepage will drive huge amount of traffic to your site, which raises the value of your site, and your advertising revenue. If you have an affiliate link somewhere in your article you could make money off this, but it’s risky since your article could then be viewed as spam, and it’s not worth risking getting your site banned from Digg.

An article getting on the front page of Digg will often get you more RSS subscribers, so ensure you have a subscription link/form in a visible spot on the site. Feedburner’s email subscription form is very handy for this

The best way to make money from this is to charge other people for your services of getting their article on the front page of digg. On Digital Point forums (services section) you’ll see a few people at a time charging a total of $75 to get someone’s page on the front of Digg. Often they say that even if they fail, they charge $.5 per digg they get on your article. Want proof? Click here then. J

Sounds like a pretty sweet earner for them doesn’t it?

So use my guide to get your own page on the front of Digg a couple of times. You’ll soon master this art, and then you can start charging other people for your skills. So that’s $70 each time for doing this kind of simple work. Tell me that’s not tempting. The best part is, the more you do this, the quicker and better you become. This means you can charge more for having such a fast turnaround, and you’ll be able do more and more orders. Do one a day, and you’re making $500 per week. Real money now eh?

Make Money Online With Digg Part 1

Tell me what you think about this method ??


Andy Jenkins of stompernet.net will publish a series of free videos with quality content within the videos that will help people increase their traffic and website revenue. All this series of free video is called \ 'Going Natural 2.O \'.

The first movie of Going Natural 2.O recently released today by Andy. In this video, Andy is going to show you a cool trick that took one of its e-commerce sites, make $ 1000 per day to $ 2988 per day in less than a month


Make Money With Digg Part 1

Please bare in mind that you will need to have decent hosting if you are to benefit from this, as your story getting on the Digg front page will bring unique visitors of up to 35k in one day during the week, and roughly 10k on weekends (people use the internet a lot less on weekends). This can screw your server, so be careful.

Now, not every site is capable of getting on Digg. As I said, there is no cheat to get your completely obscure article onto the Digg homepage despite nobody having any interest in it.

There are certain types of articles which are preferred by Digg users, and trends prove this. Use your head here. What type of person is your typical Digg.com user? Not to be stereotypical, but I find the majority of proper, returning users are those with an interest in technology, and other related things. You have to use this to your advantage.

The first reason you should use Digg to your advantage is to get huge traffic to your site by getting your article on the front page. To do this you’re going to have to write a good article on a subject that will go down well with the general Digg population. The main topics for this are articles about Apple, Microsoft or Windows (generally putting these down), Digg.com itself, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Mozilla Firefox, and the likes of those.

With Digg, you have to be quick. It’s no use deciding to post an interesting article when thousands have already dugg it somewhere else because some other guy was sharper than you and posted it before you, and is now on their way to the Bahamas to celebrate. You have to find yourself some good sources for news, then be quick about writing your article and submitting it to Digg. Some good sources are




www.tuaw.com/ ( the unofficial Apple weblog)

There are a lot of good sources out there for you, and they’re not hard to find. Use the above links to start you on your way, and more links will follow. Google alerts is also a good way to get good news alerts quickly, so you’re not always searching yourself.

Any type of sensational or controversial story will naturally be dugg a lot too, but the difficult part with these is getting in before anyone else does. Digg users also love lists (“top 21 ways to…”) and helpful guides with bullet points.

Ensure your headline is attention grabbing, appearing to be giving away some secret or unknown method everyone will want to know. Curiosity will get you views. “How to” type headings are always good. A good way to research this sort of thing is simply to keep an eye on what stories are making the front page.

Also, Digg and generally users don’t like when someone submits their own page, so it’s often very beneficial to have someone else submit the article for you......

To be continued...


Can one actually game or manipulate the Alexa Ranking?

I think there are ways that you can save easily in the millions Alexa ranking until 100000. However, bringing to pass the 10000 or 1000 mark is a process much more difficult, given the fierce competition between sites.

Some have categorically stated that there is no proven ways to Alexa Thursday, while others have argued that automatic surfing and scripts work to a certain extent.

I am not going to take sides, because I can not guarantee that automatically surfs or other artificial methods have similar effects for all blogs.

The easiest way to know whether any of the tips listed below, the work is really to try really for you and monitor the results.

Here is a collection of methods that you can use to increase your Alexa ranking. Most of these tips are from several colleagues webmasters I know who claim to have positive results gained through their experiences with Alexa rankings.

Other tips were culled from articles and sources, which I duly referenced at the end of this message.

Does this advice? According to some, yes, certainly they operate. But do note that most of them require any effort, and therefore, they will work as long as you are still perform specific actions.

To increase your Alexa ranking in the long term, I would strongly recommend that one focus on the development of quality content that attracts and maintains a wide audience instead of just focusing on increasing your Alexa Rank artificially.

-Lien very worthy content leads to a natural increase in site traffic, and is an excellent way to increase your Alexa ranking passively.

It is important to stress the need to devote most of your efforts into your site public increasingly integrated with the implementation of any of the following tips below.

1. Install the toolbar or Alexa Firefox SearchStatus extension and define your blog as your home page. This is not the most basic.

2. Develop a ranking Alexa widgets on your website. I did it a few days ago, and receive a large amount of hits per day. According to some, click on each count as a visit even if the toolbar is not used by the visitor.

3. encourage others to use the Alexa toolbar. This includes friends, colleagues, as well as the webmaster of the site visitors / blog readers. Make sure you have a link with Alexa's full explanation of their toolbar and a tracking system so that your readers know that the installation of the toolbar or extension leads.

4.Work in an office or a business owner? Get the toolbar or Alexa SS extension for Firefox installed on all PCs and set your site as the home page for all browsers. Perhaps it will be worth noting that this can work only when dynamic or different IP addresses are used.

5. Get friends to review and evaluate your site Alexa profile. Not entirely sure of its impact on the ranking, but may be useful in some way.

6. Write or blogs on Alexa. Webmaster bloggers and look forward to ways to increase their Alexa ranking. They will link to you and send you targeted traffic (ie, with the visitors already installed the toolbar). This has gradually effects on your Alexa ranking.

7. Flaunt your URL in webmaster forums. Webmasters usually have the toolbar installed. You will get webmasters to visit your site and provide useful feedback. It's also a good way to give back to the community if you have any useful articles to share with others.

8. Write content that is related to webmasters. This may fall into the category of domaining and SEO, two areas in which most webmasters will have the Alexa toolbar installed. Promote your content on the Web sites of social networks and webmaster forums.

9.Use Alexa redirects on your website. Try this: http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?maximizingrevenuetips.blogspot.com Replace maximizingrevenuetips.blogspot.com with your website URL. Leave this redirect URL in the comments of blogs and the signatures instance. This redirection will count a unique IP address once a day, so clicking on several occasions that it will not be useful. There is no official proof that your redirects positively benefit Alexa Rank, to use with caution.

10.Post social networking in Asia websites or forums. Some webmasters have suggested that East Asia are major users of Web fans Alexa toolbar, judging from the presence of several Web sites based in the Asia Alexa Top 500. I suggest trying this only if you have the time or the ability to do so.

11. Create a webmaster tools section of your website. It is a magnet for webmasters that often goes back to your site to get access to these tools. Aaron Wall web page on SEOTools is a very good example.

12.Get Dugg or Stumbled. This usually brings a lot of visitors to your web site and the large amount will have a positive impact on your Alexa ranking. Naturally, you need to develop the link worthy material.

13.Use PayperClick campaigns. Buy advertisements on search engines like Google or Exact Seek help bring in Traffic. Doubling useful when your ad is quite relevant for webmasters.

14.Creating a category Alexa on your blog and use it to include all articles or news of Alexa. This acts as an easily accessible resource for webmasters or search occasional visitors, while helping your ranking in search engines.

15.Popular and optimize your posts. Got a popularity post that receives traffic search engines? Include a widget / graphic at the bottom of the post, links to your post or use Alexa Alexa internal reorientation on your URL.

16. Buy banners and links for traffic webmaster forums and websites. A prominent and well ad will be shown many webmasters drive traffic to your website, which can significantly boost your ranking.

17. Hire instance pimp posters to your website. Either buy signatures in webmaster forums or promote certain items or materials on your website on a regular basis. You can easily access the location posters in Digital Point and other venues for webmasters.

18. Pay Cybercafe owners to install the Alexa toolbar and set your site as the home page for all their computers. It can be difficult to organize and is not really a viable option for most. I am in the maintenance of it because some have suggested that it works.

19. Use MySpace. This is a bit doubtful whether I would recommend it, unless you are really interested in artificially inflate the Alexa ranking. Use visually attractive pictures and banners, and links to your URL redirected Alexa. This will be more effective if your site has content that is actually relevant to the MySpace crowd.

20. Try Alexa automatic surfs. This work? Perhaps for the brand new sites. I think they are for most new websites adapted to a very bad Alexa ranking. Note that there were problems when you try to use automatic surfing alongside contextual ads as Adsense. They also are not long-term solutions to improve your Alexa ranking so I suggest you use with caution.

21.Repeat this for some of your posts (randomize)

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