What Is MyLot

MyLot is a new Social Networking community that pays members to start discussions, join discussions, and basically use & enjoy the community.

I signed up for an account myself, and decided to sit down this morning and check it out. I started by trying to customize my profile, but really had no idea what I was doing. I added a few photos, then skipped to the Add / Edit section interest..

From there, it asks you a series of questions such as: What kind of movies and music that you like, your favorite foods, pets that you have, that you like sports, hobbies, the things you want to do in your life, etc.

Once you set up your profile and say MyLot on your interests , you can join all the debates going on in various categories. You can begin by considering the day's most popular discussions or most recent debates - or you can see the discussions that match your personal interests.

It is a very intuitive site, in the interest of discussions about the ads that appear on top. All this is served up based on what you have listed in your profile, and it makes it very interesting - and incredibly addictive!

How can you earn money to MyLot

There are two ways to make money with the community MyLot: 1) participate in discussions and options on the site (like the photo of vote) , and 2) new members on the site. My

referral link is: http://www.mylot.com/?ref=GuruMonetizer, if you wish to register ;)

When you refer new members, you get a bonus equal to 25 % of their earnings. MyLot take only the percentage of members' salary, but you pay the premium directly to your referrals.

In addition, you earn an amount for each discussion as you start, comment or participate in MyLot to the community. Different contributions that you make different customer benefit, based on the quality and popularity of the content you are adding.

I have no idea what the earnings potential with this site is for someone who is completely addicted popular and begins discussions on a daily basis. If you have a personal experience with MyLot and wage rates, do not hesitate to post a comment below and give us some insight from your experiences.

You get to include a link to your site on your profile, and select the text to Link as well as a hyperlink. Becoming active in the discussions about your site could result in a great source of targeted traffic.

So once again if you want to register to MyLot join here


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