What Is BlogRush

What are the primary requirements of a successful website and how do you go about keeping it in the Top of the Search Engine Rankings?

If like me you have a Blog forming the main portal to your business online then you need to have an effective method of directing targetted traffic to it is perhaps the fundamental tool for you to have at your disposal, hence BlogRush. A Blog feature which provides content appropriate to the content of your blog and a way of effecting traffic with specific relevance to your topic. Some of you may know the name John Reese, who has been a major provider in the field of Internet Marketing for a number of years, and who operated the Opportunity.com site until recently. But obviously he felt the need to shift his emphasis and direct his energies into a more potent area and his latest tool for the online marketer is BlogRush. You can see it here on my site and registering is FREE and relatively simple process,when you register you need to get approved but almost every blog is approved. I welcome your feedback on my content and i hope that you will share your experience with blogrsuh on your blog if you have it or when you install it.

TIP:If you adding BlogRush to wordpress blog the easiest way to do it is to go at your template widget panel add "text 1" into on of you sidebar then click one "text-1" and insert the code.


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