Many bloggers are newsletters by e-mail to get more visibility for their sites, and they are often satisfied with the results.

One of the main providers of email is a site called iContact. Actually, I'm just guessing because I i' m not using the service, and I don't know much about it. All I do know is that the monthly membership costs a little less than $ 10 and more than 100000 people are using it.

So why am I talking?

IContact offers an ingenious service that takes your entry traffic to a whole new level. It calls iContact Community.

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

IContact Community is a digg-like site that allows you to make comments, rank and discuss email newsletters, which are spread over 18 categories, publishers enabling them to reach the top Home for most visitors to their blog.

You can register to vote and comment free, but you must register for the newsletter iContact service to become an editor.

The community has over 120000 members and a rapid growth through iContact efforts to promote the site, set up to purchase ads and sponsored comments. I'm sure that the membership will double up quickly giving publishers more exposure.

And fo sure that is not all ...

* You can find some great stuff to subscribe to newsletters. You can really see how they look before you subscribe!

* It is so unique! It is the first site of social bookmarking newsletters. If (somehow), it is not first, it is certainly the most significant.

* People must pay to be able to publish articles, you will no longer have to deal with those annoying / worthless spam posts that make up a large part of Digg and other social networks free.

* There is no "bury" buttons, which means that a publisher can 'being harassed by corrupt member groups, which happens all the time, again , Digg. If you have a good story, he hit the front page!

* The design is neat and the pages are easy to navigate.

So, if you are interested in using ballots promotion for your blog, I suggest you start with iContact. It will give you more traffic than any other newsletter supplier could !


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