Last night Google released a new feature for Google Webmaster Tools named Content Analysis. Vanessa Fox's Search Engine Land post named Google's Webmaster Tools Adds More Diagnostic Features and Video Sitemaps is outstanding. Basically, the Content Analysis feature shows you problem areas with your sites from an on-page search engine optimization standpoint. It shows very basic issues like title tag issues, meta tags and non-indexable content issues. Here is a look at some of the issues (i have some problems with my insite pages PR)from the :

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Here is the overview page, summarizing my problems:

Web Crawl Report :

Content Analysis

See potential problems with site metadata, such as title and meta description information.

My Problem is in Crawl Stats :

These statistics provide distribution information for pages we have crawled for our google.com index. The PageRank distribution reflects all crawled pages in your site, not just the home page.

I have low page rank on some of my pages,but i will fix that with another method Its a video of making money online with double results pages...watch it.

The forum discussion is currently very lacking. Honestly, this is an outstanding feature and I would have expected to see a lot more discussion out in the forums on this already.But be patient in the next week we will see more.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.


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