A large tract of land can be used for many purposes, to build schools, houses, nightclubs and shopping malls. People visiting these places to buy products, learn skills and have fun.

The Internet is similar. Websites are often created to meet the needs and desires of the crowd. People will visit these sites or use them for information or entertainment.

When generating returns online, visit the virtual real estate: as buildings, Web sites are profitable entities that can be developed or purchased.

Successful Web entrepreneurs think like investors. Often willing to explore ideas and concepts outside their niche interests, they build sites with the aim of improving their overall net worth. They think not only in terms of profits, but being sold values and how each site complements their entire portfolio of Web properties.

I am always looking to build / purchase turnkey and Web sites, not only because its fun but very difficult at the same time. Blog sites are not particularly interesting to me and I thought that I will make a list of some ideas of the site, you can develop.

Each site or type idea is a potential winner. None of them can not be ruled out definitively, as a large part of any site's potential profit depends on how you market the site and grow from the ground up. If you are an excellent leader for the strategic direction and marketing, it is not difficult to make even the most common ideas a success.

How good are developing sites? Most sites are, if you have the time and are willing to devote time and money and energy on sites increasingly aggressive. Being a webmaster optimistic, I would say that you can make a profit on anything if you work hard.

The market and Sitepoint Digital Point market are probably two of the most popular places to buy sites of all kinds. Watch them if you are interested in increasing your virtual mass. You will find all the ideas site below in the two forums:

1. Site Affiliated consideration. Create a Web site that reviews affiliate products such as making money online programs, Web hosting services and so on Wordpress Run it and update it every day with food or objects affiliate . How you are going to do depends on the thickness (volume content), the site is.

2. Produced fan blog. Create a blog popular Wordpress around a product and update every day with news on the product. The i-phone is a good example of a hot product to choose. Traffic will be quite decent in time if the product / s have longevity,or you can surf prweb.com for new products,and make a site around that niche.

3. Sites auction. Create a web site that looks like eBay to enable users to sell and buy products from each other. You will generate revenue from ads to monetize and design of a commission on each sale. You can get high regular income if you sell products or ticket niche enough to get a loyal user base.

4. Dating sites. Dating sites are communities that allow users to record, chat and meet other interested users. They can be easily turnkey with configuration scripts that you really need a custom template coding and some work done to make it competitive or attractive enough for some users. Markus Frind is currently the largest publisher Adsense individual and does well over $ 10K day of its online dating service, free Plenty of Fish. (Dont try this if you dont have an a team with you to work around the site,because competition is hugeeeee)

5. Made for Adsense Websites. These are Web sites with a keyword domain, and they came with a group of pre-written articles on a specific topic. Examples of common items include acne, cancer, health and finance. These are usually boring, low-maintenance sites, which are coated with contextual ads. Incredibly easy to create using the platform Wordpress.

6. Affiliate site products. It is a salespage which sells an electronic product as an electronic book. Create a product, buy an existing one or simply find someone to do it. The main way to make money is to buy a player or trafficking of your salespage and make money when purchasing your electronic book or opt into your email list. This is an easy way to generate real income, especially if you have a niche product or am qualified to promote your brand and salespage.

7. Online games / Arcade sites. Find someone to develop an online game which is reserved for members and earn money by selling points, which allow users to unlock additional options in the game. Arcade sites are simply sites with a collection of flash or online games. They are monetized through ads. The games can spread rapidly if they are well designed and attractive.

8. Forums or Social Network. Select a topic that is able to attract a decent amount of users and to create a forum or social network. The income will not happen quickly and a lot of work is needed to build the community. Create a blog on the same field and use for promotional purposes. There is a potential to earn a good sum of money when the forum becomes large or popular.

9. Some specialized search engines. Building a search tool that allows visitors to find specific types of media. Include your AdSense ads in the pages of research. Such tools are not usually very good, unless you provide additional value above research. Examples of things to add ajax include research, and the recommendation folksonomy engines.

10. The paid membership site. These members are sites that provide educational assistance lessons on a specific topic or to offer a large archive of resources, and a forum. An example of this is teaching Sells site. Members will pay a fixed fee each month to maintain their membership status.

11. Design / Coding Service site. Create a Web site that provides a suite of web design or logo, alongside the DSP coding XHTML, Wordpress and Joomla. Rental freelance designers and coders and manage them. Their pay a portion of each sale and promotion of your site through blogs and forums webmasters. (remeber my article about rent a coder ? )

12. File Hosting site. Develop a host file that allows users to post and share their files online with other users. There is a lot of competition in this niche's very difficult to make some real money, unless you innovate in the marketplace or functionality.

13. Web Directories. A web directory is a list of web sites and earn money for both advertising and selling lists of premiums. Most of the work should focus on the marketing and branding of the site. Niche directories with a good reputation might find it easier to make money.

14. Online tool on the Web. This includes shorteners Web, spell checkers, picture editors, file converters and various tools for webmasters (keyword volume, link popularity). Often, visitors return to your site to use these tools, if they are comprehensive enough, or if your site is well designed and truly useful.

15. Create Proxies. These are Internet sites that allow a websurfer not only to surf anonymously bypass certain filters, but which prevents the display of a site. They are popular with the crowd Myspace and often require a dedicated server. There are many allies on the market, but it may be worth exploring. Income is largely passive.

16. Model commercial sites. Basically this involves creating website readymade models for sale. They can be assembled in sales packages and traffic can be obtained through PPC advertising. If you are not interested in the production of original models, you can run the site using the flow subsidiary of another model established websites like Template Monster model.

17. Adwords Sites .Try to find a long tail niche,and setup a small site with good content around that long tail niche,upload you affiliate banners and promotions around content text,normally you must apply to adwords,and setup a keyword list,and promotional text...but that is a story for another time ;)

Now submit these sites that you create using a method that i wrote earlier :make money with digg part 1 and use the process of getting double links in google from latest stomper video .


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