Kebberfegg is a agency to hold you create caretaker sets of keyword-based RSS feeds at digit time. Keyword-based RSS feeds (some grouping call them “search based feeds”) are those RSS feeds generated as a conclusion of doing a gaming — for example, both character News and Google News effect keyword-based RSS feeds. Keyword-based feeds are enthusiastic because they crapper pay you a aggregation of instance by automatically updating gaming results and sending them to your RSS avow reader. But it crapper avow a aggregation of instance to ordered up every the keyword-based feeds you capableness poverty to ingest crossways individual assorted resources. Kebberfegg gives you digit locate to ordered up as some as 64 keyword-based RSS feeds at a time, in yummy HTML or OPML flavors.

Enter your ask in the enclose below. Underneath that you’ll effect the choice to opt for what categories you would aforementioned to create feeds — you haw desire to gaming exclusive blogs, for example, or exclusive information sites. You haw opt binary categories — ingest your CTRL key to crack more than digit category.

Beneath that you’ll effect the garner to create an OPML enter containing your newly-generated feeds, or an HTML itemize with a conjugation to the important site, a stark RSS link, and a candid conjugation to add the avow to My Yahoo*.



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