Despite the slaps on page rank by google I still see the rise of new get paid to review programs like this one I came to know about - it's called Snapbomb! A quite strange and cachy name don't you think?

What is Snapbomb?
It's a get paid to review site (just like www.reviewme.com ) hich means you write for advertisers and get paid, similar to other get paid to review programs.

Registration and PageRank

Registering at Snapbomb is free. Page Rank is not even a consideration. This is a big big big plus! For years page rank has always been the basis of acceptance in money making programs which hinders other bloggers from monetizing their sites. Well, not anymore with Snapbomb! If you have PR-o blog, good news fellows you can join Snapbomb! I could see the smiles of those with PR-0. If you have pr-0 blog there is absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain in this site.

How it works?

First you need to register to Snapbomb, for free. You will only provide your name, email address and your password. After that you will add your blog(s) Immediately after adding your blog, Snapbomb will calculate your blog's base value/worth giving you a range of the minimum to the maximum value you can get paid for the post/reviews you make. You can add as many blogs as you want. The more blogs you register, the more money you make, the merrier life gets! and more stuff you can buy online :P

important faq

Disclosure on paid reviews is not required but snapbomb recommends it. It's up to you if you will disclose or not. Payment is by Paypal or check with a minimum of $25. However it pays on a Net 60 basis so that's two months reckoned from the time you make your reviews. That's a long waiting to get your money. This is the downside I see with Snapbomb. However, if you can wait for 6 months before you get your first pay from adsense because of your low earnings, I don't think it will be problem for you to wait two months right? And if snapbomb really pays teh waiting will be worth it. Curious? Visit Snapbomb here!

For advertisers, create a buzz for your product, company or website through Snapbomb. The clever part about Snapbomb as an advertising venue is that advertisers can monitor the buzz activity about their product or website through Snapbomb's buzz analytics. See image below. This is something you won't find in other buzz marketing programs.

In sum, Snapbomb is very inviting to both bloggers and advertisers. With all the highlights of the site it will surely attract a lot of bloggers and advertisers. The only thing that's missing is the proof of payment which is the final measure of how true and legit the site really is. I will be on the look out if the site really pays and as usual I will let you know of it! So stick around!


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