Do you know that craigslist.org has discussion forums that cover a wide range of topics and categories? These discussion forums can help you make money online. By participating to these forums, you will have the opportunity to market your business to your new Internet friends in Craigslist. It will be even better if many of these Internet friends are living in the same area with you. There is a good chance they will become your business partners and buyers as well as your online friends.

How do you make money while socializing in Craigslist? People are more likely to purchase from someone they know or they can trust. So by getting into the online community of Craigslist.org and actively participate in discussion, a lot of the community members will know about you and this is pretty helpful for increasing your online business sale.

For instance, let's say that you run a book store and you want to have more customers. You post a business ad on Craigslist.org to let people know about a promotional offer that you have started i.e.10% discount on for all purchases more than $50. Then you begin to socialize on the Craigslist.org forums. You talk with this one and that. As you communicate with more and more Craigslist.org users and let them know about your Craigslist.org ad. Tell everyone that if they visit your ad and get the coupon, they will entitle the discount. The more people you can send to your Craigslist ad the more sales you may bring in. Also, ask them to vote for you in the best of Craigslist.org. All that your ad viewers have to do to vote you is click on the link ‘best of Craigslist.org’ in your ad page.

You will be able to expand your customer base by marketing your ad and your business on the general community of Craigslist. All the posting on Craigslist will cost you nothing except the ad posting on job board section.

So, how you can join Craigslist.org? Just like joining any other membership site, you first click on the join option, fill out your valid email address and then you will need to key in the scrambles letters at the bottom of the page so that the system can confirm you are real human and not some kind of robot signing up in Craigslist.

Apart from the book store example mentioned above; what other types of businesses can take the advantage of socializing and generate revenue through Craigslist.org? Well, almost any business can take the advantage of socializing. The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that the forums and discussion you are participating that are relevant to you business. If you are selling jewelry, then you should participate in jewelry group. If you are a writer providing content to web publishers and bloggers, then the writer group is perfect for you. It all depends on what your business is offering and what you plan to achieve through Craigslist socializing.

Socializing and earning money on Cragislist.org should not be limited to one another. You can also try to participate in as many groups as you possible, especially online groups. Online groups can be visited when the mood strikes you and there is a lot less involved.


Make Money Online with Homebizseo said... @ April 26, 2008 at 2:17 AM

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Ryan said... @ April 28, 2008 at 3:12 AM

Very interesting method...I thought I've seen them all, but this one is definitely a bit more creative than most others.


Kimberly said... @ April 29, 2008 at 1:36 PM

Now that's something I hadn't considered. I'll have to look more into Craigslist. Thanks for the tips!

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