No matter what type of online money making venture you are in, there are always certain software tools that help can you.

In this blog post, I like to introduce you a popular, free ad serving software called OpenX. OpenX is basically an online ads management software which provides everything you need to manage your ad campaigns. It will help you make more money from online advertising.

If you are selling online or promoting affiliate products, you are going to start ad campaigns to make sales. Openx enables you to target your ad campaigns to the right people based on locations, keywords and more; track and compare the performance of all your campaigns so that you know what ad campaigns are best for maximizing your revenue.

If you are selling ad space on your website or blog to generate income, Openx can help you manage all your ad space effectively and also it will generate ad campaign performance report for your advertisers.

You can learn more about Openx at http://www.openx.org. Do give it a try, I'm sure it will give you better control on your online advertising.

Anyway, you might need some practical tips on how to use Openx to make more money in your online Business, here's the link to a free training by Jeff Johnson from Underground Training Lab:


In the training, Jeff shares with you how he has actually used OpenX to increase his affiliate business revenue.


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