Google put out a nice holiday checklist at the Webmaster Central blog to help Web marketers prepare for the holiday season. Given that the season is nearly over, if you haven’t already done these things, try to remember them for next year.

Well, one supposes this is good advice for those that do business year round, which is everybody, right? To follow are some of the better suggestions:

1. Verify your site is indexed and returned by Google with the right snippet and page title. Cut down or eliminate on duplicate titles and meta descriptions.

2. Label your images. Nobody likes (and some distrust) images with only the generic number tag as a description (i.e., 001.jpg). Use alt tags to label your images so that when they show up in Google Images, the text matches the picture. It helps Google identify the images, too.

3. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, double check and claim your business listing in Google Local.

4. Make sure your site is compatible with all the different browsers out there.

5. If Google returns Sitelinks for your site, give those a quick review, ensure the destination pages are functional or remove unwanted sitelinks through Webmaster Tools.


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