Suppose that, just in order to get an idea of how much money you're making, you had to look up an ever-changing conversion rate and multiply a pair of numbers on a daily basis. Well, overseas AdSense publishers (including me) have been doing this for some time, but thanks to a new move on Google's part, the process is getting much simpler.

Publishers in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France, and Spain can now view their AdSense reports in euros after just agreeing to a new set of terms and conditions. Their prior payment histories will still be available in dollars, too, which should alleviate concerns about records matching not up.

Adsense Euro Conversion

And Elodie Bodet outlined one other benefit on the Google AdSense Blog, writing, "With earnings converted daily, you'll avoid the risk of currency exchange fluctuations between USD and the Euro."

This is pretty big news for affected individuals, and may help Google's reputation internationally. Responses to Darren Rowse's post on the subject are mostly positive, for example, and sources in Germany and France are already relaying the story.

The one thing that remains unclear is what will happen from here. Bodet gave no clues, only stating, "If we're able to offer this to publishers in other countries,i we'll provide details here on Inside AdSense."


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