To most people and companies, a $350 million purchase would represent a huge, long-lasting commitment. Yahoo, on the other hand, apparently wants out of its ownership of Zimbra after a period of two years.

Kara Swisher wrote earlier today, "According to numerous sources, Yahoo has also been shopping around Zimbra, the open-source email company it bought in late 2007 for $350 million."

And although Swisher is almost always dead-on, anyway, the report's especially plausible since Yahoo's been selling and shutting down a quite a lot of other stuff as of late.

For a little Zimbra history: we first heard about the Yahoo-Zimbra deal on September 17th, 2007. To be fair, a lot has changed since; at that point in time, Jerry Yang was in charge of the larger corporation and Yahoo's stock was sitting pretty at around $25 per share. Now, it's Carol Bartz's show and investors are stuck with shares worth about $17 each.

If Yahoo loses too much on Zimbra, however, the recession and other extenuating circumstances still may not be able to save it from taking another significant PR hit.

Swisher listed Comcast and Google as potential Zimbra buyers.


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