Running an advertising campaign is complicated enough without having to mentally assign new meanings to most of the buttons on your keyboard. Google's giving advertisers a hand, then, by offering them AdWords shortcuts stickers.

The stickers (see a mockup below) are meant to be applied to your keyboard. Assuming your fingers don't block your field of view, they should subsequently make it easier to figure out what key combos will let you go to the Ads group tab, for example, or select multiple rows within a table.

The stickers are free, and are available to AdWords advertisers in 22 countries (No Bosnia included,well google thinks we are a shithool) for as long as supplies last. About all you need to do to get a set is supply Google with your name and address. (Although we should note that we have no idea how many stickers Google has on hand.)

This is reminiscent of a stunt Google pulled back in June; at that point, the search giant gave away laminated sheets of "Gmail ninja" tips.

It seems that Google's trying to make everything just a little bit easier on users, perhaps on the theory that they'll become heavier or more loyal users as a result.


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