WidgetBucks shows pay-per-click (PPC) shopping widget ads on web publishers sites and blogs and the publishers will earn money each time a visitor clicks on a WidgetBucks ad. It works just like Google AdSense except their ads format are so different, AdSense displays contextual ads while WidgetBucks displays their creative widget ads.

Since WidgetBucks is a PPC ads network and is compatible with AdSense, you may have used it on your site or blog and earn a nice extra income from it. If you have really done that, congratulation to you. But, if you have tested it and get poor result or you have heard about WidgetBuck but don't know how to optimize it on your site to make more money, I suggest you check out Joel Comm's new free e-book 'Widget Bucks Secrets' released few days ago.

Widget Bucks Secrets - 33 Page e-book

Joel Comm who has made an extra $1,000 monthly from Widgetbucks will teach you step-by-step how to generate additional web income using WidgetBucks.

There Are 5 Big Questions Regarding WidgetBuckz

  1. Where did they get the silly name?
  2. Can keywords and products clicked be tracked? - Adsense is part of your product research for things you really should be promoting directly as an affiliate, or finding topics for content either free or paid. From the terms it seems like you are not allowed to use your own tracking.
  3. Why did they include the display domain in the configuration of a widget? There are much better ways to authorize or claim a site. How would you use this widget on 7000 blogs?
  4. This is the initial launch - they claim it is possible to achieve an effective CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of between $3 and $6 - is that before or after click fraud reductions?
  5. The referral scheme - initially $5 was offered for every sign up who achieved a balance of $50 ($25 earnt + $25 free bonus), then that was updated within a few hours and it is now 10% over 12 months - that doesn't seem to be in addition to the original $5 - where do you draw the line between being reactive to your customers and being a feather in the wind?

Positive Notes

The widgets will catch the attention of the audience, and might generate clicks. Payment is via Paypal or check...maybe i will try it and i will let you know..maybe i can generate some leads or make money from this blog


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