Digg I visit on a regular basis to vote on stories that I love as well as to find new and interesting information. A few days ago I was reading through the articles that are currently listed on the front page of the Scientific Section, and was observing the rich are getting richer and the smaller bloggers to the difficulty of the cracking upper echelon of Digg success.

Digg The voting system is designed to enable the most popular stories to maximize exposure and to prevent users from gaming the system. But one of the results of this system is that it strongly encourages blogs and websites with huge audiences while small ones are left with a much more difficult chance of winning the exposure of Digg.

If you visit the section of the technology on a regular basis, you probably see many of the same sites and blogs are presented almost daily. These sites regularly publish new content that users appreciate Digg and they built a large audience for a good reason. Some of the ones you see on a regular basis include Ars Technica, Engadget, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Mashable, Valleywag, Lifehacker, and ReadWriteWeb, among others.

While these sites all provide quality, timely articles. However, I can not help but believe that there are plenty of other worthy stories in the blogosphere. Digg I think most of the users who visit the research section already subscribe to most of these blogs, I know that I do. In this case, could not be more Digg useful resource for users, if we introduced the sources of content they do not already have in their RSS reader?

At that particular time I was on the front page of Technology, 11 of 15 stories came from what I would consider to be major players. Ars Technica were four elements of the page, and Gizmodo and ReadWriteWeb had two each.

I understand that this is not Digg has the responsibility to provide bloggers with the opportunity to reach thousands of new readers. Digg aims to show the most popular stories to its visitors. However, as Digg user, I would like to see more stories on the front page that are new to me and I want to be able to discover new sources of information. There are thousands of blogs out there that offer quality content that interests me, but I can never find most of them.

Many of the biggest blogs mentioned above have such a following that only a very small percentage of readers digg need for a story to get it to the first page. On the other hand, a small blog may need a lot of help to get the votes needed to access the home page. The biggest blogs often only need to include a button Digg somewhere on the job or in the RSS feed to convert a large subscriber base in a high number of diggs, an advantage that smaller is not of blogs .

So what options are only a small blogger to go to the front page? One option is to build a powerful Digg profile, which can take a lot of time and effort. Digg user profiles with a strong (and many friends) have a better chance to send their comments on the front page, but many users Digg disapprove someone submit their own content, except perhaps not a great option. Digg's shout system seems to be largely ineffective, so adding friends and share your story you probably will not get very far either.

I believe that this small leaves bloggers with only a few options, some of which Digg itself does not. The first method that I have used successfully casual is to create more traffic with other social media sites, and we hope it translates diggs. Another option is to e-mail friends and contacts with a request for Digg. This substance is the same as the system Digg shout, except that it may actually work. There are even groups of Digg users who agree to share their communications with each other in order to gain more diggs for everyone. Otherwise, you can communicate with someone who has a high visibility and ask them to send your evidence. The last option, and one that has received a large number of persons banned from Digg, is to buy diggs.

What is your opinion?

I would like to hear your opinion about whether or not small bloggers have a chance to Digg. Do you think that Digg is a resource more useful if it had not ceased to articles on the same site? Do you have any methods that have worked well for diggs for your blog posts?

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