I have joined a couple of affiliate marketing networks. It is quite a competition between the different networks because we have to determine which network we would want to focus on. It is not easy to focus on too many networks, especially when we are still building our traffic and an opt-in list. Having to join too many networks can mean one very simple thing - Too little money made on each network which results in determining when we can hit the minimum amount to get back our money for another round of re-investment.

Click2Sell Affiliate Network

In today’s review, I am feeling very honoured to review an affiliate marketing network. This website being reviewed is known as Click2Sell. I must say that it is not easy to set up such a network because you will need to go out to look for interested sellers who are willing to give out commissions which are profitable enough to the affiliates who set up all the meaningful websites in the Internet. And their job is probably to keep looking out for sellers and affiliates as many as they can in order to stay strong in the market.

As Internet marketer, you would probably need to start your own affiliate program to hire an army of interested affiliates to sell for you. When you are getting bored building contents and selling other people’s products, you would probably invest some money to build a product of your own. Having a product of your own, you cannot simply sell on your own in the website. You need many websites who are willing to sell on your behalf. Many people called those websites as “resellers”. We call them “affiliates”. We wanted to be affiliated with the product that we are building our contents against.


Ok, let’s take a look at their marketplace. To my surprise, some of the things that they are selling are really getting me interested to be affiliated with. I would say that most of the products are related to Make-Money-Online topic. Software are using familiar names such as “Ad Rotator”, “Blog Link Generator”, “Forum Submitter Pro”, “Simple Sales Copy” and “PPC Profit Generator”. They are the type of software which most of the make-money-online blogs would want to be affiliated with. They also have Internet Services such as “Email Master Pro” and “Ultimate Autoresonder Pro”. All of them look pretty good to catch up and sell on our websites.

Comparison Chart

When we take a good look at the comparison chart, we can see how much difference they are when compared competitively. They basically can sell both digital and material products which are not easily done by most of the other affiliate marketing networks. Most important of all, we are able to handle the refunds which are usually done automatically. Some of the refunds actually need some human interaction to understand further about their needs. In other words, we can still salvage the situation as much as we can. Also, they are able to handle a lot of preferential payment gateways out there. Some of us may want to use Worldpay instead of PayPal. It all really depends, though we don’t have to complicate our transactions too much. As for me, I would prefer to use PayPal since it is my “Internet bank” to deposit and withdraw money from.

I took the initiative and sign up for an account to test drive their website. When I log in, it immediately brings me to the General Report of showing me how much money I am making. They have quite a comprehensive group of links to manipulate the reports. Reports such as Refunds, Referral, Transactions, Conversion Rates, and keywords of search engines referring your products. Just a look at them through, they have quite an interesting report to browse and analyse. They also have a “Payment” section to show you all the incoming and outgoing payment settlements.

I can choose to be an affiliate to sell other people’s products, or as a merchant to sell my own products. Things start to get more exciting actually. So as a merchant, I can add my products. I can approve and disapprove my affiliates to my products, I can also manage my orders and subscriptions. And as an affiliate, I can manage my compaigns after joining as an affiliate to some of the products I am interested in.

You may also want to promote Click2Sell itself and make some money out of it. It is a product by itself for sure since it is handling a lot of money in between the affiliates and merchants.


Lastly, it’s their support section which consists of quite a few things. While all efforts are made to ensure the programs are running properly, I would say their support section is also well done with forum, help desk, FAQ and User Guides. And if all else fails, you may want to use their contact form at least.

I was googling Click2Sell in search engine just now. And found that they probably have quite a good online reputation. While they have quite a good number of backlinks to their website right now, there are quite a reasonable number of people who are all recommending Click2Sell to people who are looking for affiliate program to sell their products. While it is quite new to me, I would probably want to give it a try myself since I have gotten myself an account with them.


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