Some VIP-ish individuals and application developers are about to become a lot more popular. In what seems like a pair of noncommercial moves, Facebook and MySpace are starting to direct users towards various profiles and apps.

The Facebook change has already taken place. Nick O'Neill wrote this weekend, "So far I've been recommended to a number of public profiles: Britney Spears, Sarah Lacy, the Colorado Rockies, Chris Pan (who works for Facebook), Sheryl Crow, and Carmen Electra." Internet personalities Julia Allison, Chris Pirillo, and Darren Rose also made the list.

All of these suggestions showed up in the normal profile recommendations space, right where you usually see former classmates from high school.

As for the MySpace adjustment, a post on the MySpace Developer Team's blog stated, "In our ongoing effort to find new innovative ways to showcase your applications, we'll soon have a page dedicated to Editor's Picks. These picks are meant to spotlight your efforts and will contain the app description, a logo and of course - a link to the application."

Anyone can apply by simply sending an email to developerrelations at myspace dot com.

Facebook and MySpace may be trying to stroke the egos of some Web 2.0 movers and shakers with these changes. They're likely to succeed as fan and app user counts soar. And normal users should benefit, too, as they're exposed to more interesting content.


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