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..Don’t count on it. You need to go out and get the traffic.First create a few interesting posts on your blog about your favorite topic. We want enough to capture the interest of your fellow readers, after all.Once your blog is ready for the world, take heart, it should get indexed by Google fairly quickly. But we still need more than that. Go to www.dmoz.org and find a category that fits your blog. Once you have found that category, add your blog to the listings. This is sort of like a Dewey Decimal System for websites.(it is hard to get in dmoz,but you can try,and put your descriptions with sense) You want to be listed in the directory in order to get some traffic. This will take a week or two at least so be patient. You will be listed their eventually.

Next, head on over to Google Webmaster Tools. Sign in with the AdSense account if you have it,(or you can use different e-mail) then ADD your website to Google’s listings. This will help you get indexed a little more quickly by Google. From here, we will head on over to Yahoo! and submit your site there as well. This will help you get indexed by Yahoo! a bit more quickly.
You guessed it. Then we head over to MSN Live Search and submit our new blog there as well.

We will also head to Webring. Join Webring and add your new blog to a ring for added traffic. This is an oftenoverlooked area of traffic building that has worked very well for me lately.

Lastly, we will use the Quick Indexing Tool. Now this is one POWERFUL tool. I have seen sites and blogs get indexed within 24 hours using this tool. Fill in the info, submit, and wait to be indexed.

There are many other methods you can use to drive trafficto your site. One of my favorite methods is to find forums related to your topic. Here is another "top secret nugget". Go to www.bigboards.com. These are the most populated boards and forums on the net. Find one related to your topic, join the forum, and then edit your profile in that forum. There is usually an option to create a ‘signature’ that will go at the end of all of your posts. You want to put a link to YOUR blog in that signature. There are people making tons of money on the internet doing nothing but marketing themselves in forums.

Of course, you are not DIRECTLY marketing your site. You are just participating in the conversation. Your SIGNATURE is doing all of the work for you. OK, one last thing. Each time you make a new post to your blog, head over to www.autopinger.com and ‘ping’ your blog. This basically lets the search engine spiders know that
something new has been posted and that they should come over and visit your site.

This is another very important step…not to be overlooked. Now, in order to see how much traffic you’re getting, you will need a stat counter. Head over to www.sitemeter.com and create an account. In the “Manager” section, create your counter and copy the code, just like before. Then head back to your Blogger layout and add another template item. I usually stick my meter down at the bottom of the page where it’s out of the way but still does its job. You can then log into Sitemeter every day and check your stats!
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Mark said... @ February 23, 2008 at 5:45 AM

Thanks for sharing such useful information. :)

Lisa said... @ February 28, 2008 at 8:27 AM

Nothing will get you indexed faster than posting posting posting :-)
Another way is to enourage digg/social media submissions. Add some sort of button to make it easy for readers. Try Andy Beard's unsocialable plugin.

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